A solo game of follow the leader

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    mischeviousmeposted 5 years ago

    I can say this for myself. The problem is, can anyone else?

      I grew up in a church based nrighborhood and the only reason I did, was because that was what other people were doing. When I got into highschool, I started smoking marijuana, because that was what other people were doing. When I was in college, I played chess, because that was what other people were doing. I had to eventually learn that being an observer is what makes me unique. I didn't join in on groups because I was an observer, it was because I wanted to fit in. I wanted to be a part of a group and I was trying to get rid the individual me. I wanted to be part of something, a larger group of me's.

      I found that I could fit in anywhere, as long as I was in the group, not part of it. While I still mingle and chit chat, I also pay attention to what the rest of the crowd is doing. This where I find the other "individual" group members. People with minds of their own, not like the yes men in everygroup, but that of a conscientious objector. If we always speak but never absorb, we don't learn. Empty the cup so to speak. Not the cup of knowledge, but the cup of ego. I can freely admit that my knowledge is limited. I only really know about myself and how I react to the world. How I percieve the world and the other people in it. The words I am using are always used, not just spat out. They must affect everyone, whether they like it or not.

      I am only speaking the truth as I see it. It is an observation that some will agree with and others won't. I want to hear it from both sides, those that do and those that don't. It is better to take the criticism and better,  learn to speak to others with the knowledge that I gain from it.