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Oath Swearing:Lying on oath

  1. Felixedet2000 profile image58
    Felixedet2000posted 5 years ago

    All around the world, political office holders one way or the other are made to swear on oath loyalty and allegiance to a course or the government they serve.

    It is not a secret that majority if not all of this people usually lie on oath without corresponding consequences to their action bearing in mind the material they use in taking the oath.

    In this part of the world, If you are a Christian, Bible will be given to you, and Koran for the Muslim.

    Some people are of the opinion that since the Christian God and the Muslim God is lenient on corrupt leaders and treasury looters even after swearing on oath to be honest and faithful and yet are not punish by the God of this religion., therefore African Oracle Priest should be made the swearing officials and oath taking should be in the presence of a deity(god) who will act within seconds when the oath terms and condition is breach by any one.

    What is your take on this?

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      Muldaniaposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      The taking of an oath is condemned in the Bible, so it is ironic that Christians are expected to swear on the Bible.

      Matthew 5:34-37 "But I say unto you, swear not at all; neither by heaven . . . nor by the earth . . . . Neither shalt thou swear by thy head . . . . But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil."

      1. Felixedet2000 profile image58
        Felixedet2000posted 5 years agoin reply to this

        But Christians who are in government swear on oath with the Bible, it is the tradition.

    2. mischeviousme profile image60
      mischeviousmeposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Any way to get ahead I suppose.

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      Emile Rposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      You are kidding right? If such a deity existed, the poor politicians would get hit by a lightening bolt halfway through the oath of office.

    4. Ask Queenmother profile image71
      Ask Queenmotherposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Wow! Are you initiated into any West African Spiritual Traditions? You talk about the immediate powers that they have with certainty of an authority. This is not a topic to take lightly. The energy that you speak is summoned and do you have your self in order to represent their interests?

  2. Felixedet2000 profile image58
    Felixedet2000posted 5 years ago

    Emile I know it will be hard for you to understand this thing: The truth is, African deities or gods are merciless and the potency of their evil powers is real. They strike like lightening for real.

    If for whatever reason, things are done this way as in using shrines to swear them in, stealing, public embezzlement of fund and associated crimes will definitely reduce, because deaths will be a recurring decimal and that will be the deterrent to erring politicians.

    But as things are now, the world will never be free of corruption, I am in a way suggesting an inward assessment of the courses of graft in official circles and the need to instill, fear in political office holders worldwide.

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      Emile Rposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Fear would be good. Send us a powerful shaman. I'll vote to let him cast his spells. Heck, our political arena could stand a little lightening now and again. smile

      I'd send him some hair from the politicians if he needs to make a voodoo doll first. I don't have any of Obama's. Would a snipping from my Chia Bama suffice?

      1. Felixedet2000 profile image58
        Felixedet2000posted 5 years agoin reply to this

        I think that will suffice Emile, smart one though.

  3. Felixedet2000 profile image58
    Felixedet2000posted 5 years ago

    Emile You are such a wonder, i am really impress by your confidence and audacity to tackle things, i sense it in most of your comment and that's a great virtue, keep it up.

    Regarding what you said, Those shrine priests or voodoo priest are real in what they believe, the can use any object to achieve their aim, a trial will convince you, i am not their client though, but i know so much about them and their activities.

    The fear of them is what every politician deserve, over hear in Nigeria, Politicians are their greatest customers, because their power is domineering, usually it takes effect within seconds of invocations.

  4. Felixedet2000 profile image58
    Felixedet2000posted 5 years ago

    No i am not in any way an initiate of any cult or secret organization, as a matter of fact i am a born again child of God.
    Regarding the potency of the voodoo powers, i can tell of of a surety it is real and potent.

    Except you doubt the existence and the powers of the gods of this world, i know as Christians we tends to ignore their existence and the powers they will, i see this attitude as hypocritical.

    Because the absent of this demonic powers will make Christianity irrelevant in a way. Because in the perfect scheme of God's plan , there is nothing like christian or non christian.

    imagine this voodoo priests being in charge of an occasion like what is mention in the post, it is almost the best solution to instil the spirit of fear in men hearts, all for the reason of protecting the public treasury from looters and corrupt minded people.

    It like a rat trap, once any thing comes in contact, be it rat or human, the trigger will trigger immediately, that's the way this whole thing will be like, if that was to be the case.

    1. Ask Queenmother profile image71
      Ask Queenmotherposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Ok born again Christian talk about the evil done in the name of Christ; like slavery and the Holocaust . Does believing in Christ stop greedy people from taking advantage of others? You are way over your head writing words that are unsubstantiated,. You defame the West African spiritual path with lies about it being evil. These are the same lies that Christians told to justify slavery. Keep your eyes on your own spiritual path and stop promoting lies that you heard and not what you know. You are a Christian. Evaluate that spiritual path, that creates billionaire preachers who own food resources while children in America and all over the world go to bed hungry. The Christian way that allows pedophiles to sexual abuse children. How evil is that?