Experiences of faith or lack thereof

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    Marseiposted 5 years ago

    I would like to challenge all hubbers to write an article about an experience that caused you to believe that there is more to life than matter, than flesh and bone, and that there is a watchful/watching presence in our lives.  I have written three such pieces since I started writing here a couple of weeks ago and it has made me more aware of  the spiritual side of life and of being open to that watching presence and to coincidences that just might not be such.  I just read an artiicle by Lilyeth entitled:  The Helper at my Door or Just a Coincidence.  When we read the stories of others who have had experiences that have infuenced them, guided them and renewed their faith, it reinforces our own faith and makes us realize that we are all connected.  I would love to read your stories.

    And since I was taught to be fair as a little girl, perhaps those of you who are convinced that this is it and that there is nothing more than matter and our lives as we know them would like to write about your beliefs.  I promise I will not ridicule or berate you  We all chose our paths and must respect the paths of others.  I hope this is something everyone might be interested in.  When it's done perhaps someone who doesn't work full-time as i do would undertake the hefty task of putting the stories together and creating a book. 
    That's what on my mind tonite.