jesus my life

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    anuppvarposted 5 years ago

    dont look back at ur past wht u was or ur sucess or failer may be u was very sucessful in the past now u r a failer then u start thinking about ur sucessu had before and u think u was this tht but y we dont even look wht is in front of u we never when we start looking forward the past hunts as and keep saying in ur mind see u was this tht u will loose excitement the world gives us we all r like this but once we reach the destination we dont know wht is their for us Best will come to u without ur knowledge but it is very hard to reach their because this world will keep on pulling us back so those who overcome all this will be sucessful in ur life so look at JESUS in front of u and move forward HE IS THE DESTINATION

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      dxnworksposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Its amazing to see suhc a great content here on hub,
      Yes very true, be thankful to him always for the gift what he had give us all the time. For me he had given everything twice better than what i dreamed.
      Still i can't belive all the good things happened to my life. Hi power is amazing.. TRUST HIM.. HE WILL PROTECT YOU AND ALL..