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Updated on May 24, 2015




The old saying, Stop And Smell The Roses, actually has perfect meaning and encourages us to experience a healthier, happier well being in our lives as we pass through the life cycle on this earth. It is excellent advice to take the time to enjoy our existence on this planet. When we take the time to appreciate the good things in life, we learn that life is less complicated and more a pleasure journey. Life is short. And time quickly escapes our grasp, despite our wishes. While time is still within our reach, we have the ability to enrich our life with the simplicity and wonder of the moment. When we are born, we spend our early years being nurtured and learning the skills needed to experience our life. Each of us are taught to walk and to talk and to eat our food. We learn to wear clothes and to bathe and brush our teeth. Usually, it is our parents that teach us how to behave, how to love, how to find happiness in the world in which we live. This time in our life is probably when we develop our personality and discover all of the new things that surround us.Once we have accomplished these tasks, we are quickly shuffled off to attend the public schools for the next 12 years of our life. In the schools we learn to get along with all of our classmates and teachers. And we are taught to fill our minds with knowledge, and understanding of the world, as we continue our education. Throughout our years in school, we constantly learn new things and grow, both in our bodies and our brains. We increase our understanding of the world and ourselves. During this time we also learn how to make friends and create our social life. It is within this framework that we become so busy and spend little time being satisfied with the simple things in our life. Such as a mother's hug or a father's instructions or the quietness of the morning, as we rush to get on the school bus. We sometimes vaguely acknowledge the glorious chirping of the birds that penetrates the air, as it pleases our ears.




Time ever so slowly slips away from us, rather quickly in fact, as we strive to complete our learning processes both in the school system of our youth as well as our college endeavors. Once time has passed you by, you can never reclaim it, as it is gone forever. Now we are no longer in our youth but have evolved into adulthood with even more responsibilities and time consuming activities to accomplish. When did we take the time to enjoy our childhood? When did we see the innocence of our youth? For most of us all of this time in our lives just slipped away, without notice. As adults we take on huge responsibilities that leave no place in our life for that occasional quiet walk through the park or a quiet time to reflect and meditate upon our creator. And oh how beautiful the earth has been made for us to enjoy, with all of the lovely flowers and trees of every kind. Not to mention the rolling hills and mountains and glorious landscapes that we behold with our eyes. As the KING JAMES BIBLE tells us in colossians 1:16; All things were created by God and for his pleasure they are and were created.


What an awesome world it is before us, where we spend this life on earth. Such beauty that we see when we look at the roses or stop to smell them. Or when we search through the green grass for that perfect four leaf clover. As james 1:17 in the Holy Bible also tells us; All good gifts come from God. We should take the time to be thankful and appreciate God and his magnificant creations that surround each of us everyday. From the amazing creation of a newborn baby from it's mothers womb to the awe and splendor of the earth and the heavens above us. When we spend some time just smelling the roses and listening to the bird's song we discover a peaceful tranquility that enters into our spirit and pleases our inner being. And we gain a reverence for our creator and the creator of all things. So, let us stop and smell the roses, before they wilt and wither and are gone from our life.






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