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Is there Any Meaning & Purpose of Life?

Updated on June 13, 2013

Discovering Life and Its Meaning

Life is meaningful but what is the meaning of life, are we just a part of a mechanical process in nature or there is a reason, some purpose. Let's try to find some answers to this question?

Life is A Hidden Treasure with A Meaningful Purpose

Life is a gift of nature with a purposeful meaning. Life is an eventful journey with a number of pleasant surprises at every point. Look at life with different perspectives and find your own meaning to solve your purpose, because...

Life is a wonder, that is why after being here for so many years, we are still uncertain about What is the Meaning of Life? Life is itself a question and an answer. I call Life an state of awareness. We live and enjoy till we are aware of our existence and the day we loose this sense and understanding of life, we move outside the periphery of life.

Everyone of us often complain on things that happen during this journey of awareness, indicating that there has been some misunderstanding between the life and oneself.

Books on The Meaning of Life - Inspiration for Successful Living

Life is about living and when knowledge and inspiration on this subject is shared we often feel delighted.

Life Is Good

Life Is Good
Life Is Good

True Meaning of Life???

If You've Discovered Happiness

You've Discovered Life....

Its so simple.

What is Life? by George Harrison - Singers Quest to understand Meaning of Life.

Music is itself a path as well as a solution to life. Watch this music video of George Harrison's What is Life?

Is Life Only A Biological Process

Life: What, when, how? Meaning of Life

Life isn't just defined by philosophers, artists, musicians, poets and writers. Even our scientific community is curious to solve this multi-disciplinary puzzle.

Life isn't just a biological process as it seems to be but it is also a chemical process which is often discussed in chemistry, a physical process in physics, a philosophy, a religion, a task, a time interval. Its really a positive sign of life it exist in every hue and color, it can be explained using any terms.

Explore more on this aspect of life at Bio Curious, in the article

Life: What, when, how?

What is the True Meaning of Life
What is the True Meaning of Life

What is true Meaning of life?

Exploring Meaning of Life for a number of shades.

I've come across an answer to the question "What is true Meaning of Life" at Yahoo Answers. It was really a good answer and was chosen as the best answer by voters.

Look how true meaning of life depends on background, circumstances, habits and inclination of mind.

The answer was really compact and contained meaning of life for different groups and categories.

Read this answer its helpful in reaching a meaning for this question.

Meaning of Life -I, Meaning of Life -II at Yahoo Answers.

The Meaning of Life Documentary - Part 1 - People answering this question.

Life is a wonder, a constantly changing wonder with a unique taste for everyone. Look how people respond to this obvious question What is Life & its purpose?

If you want more then you can also visit this philosophical blog to read more on what is the meaning of life

The Meaning of Life Documentary - Part 2 - People answer to what is the meaning of life for them.

This documentary is the 2nd part of the video. The answers regarding life and its meaning are interesting.

Life A Game of Uncertainty

Expressed in Percentage.

Life is series of events that appear one after the other. Some of these events are certain and sure to take place like birth, death and survival. These are the events that take place in everyone's life, whether rich or poor, good or bad, man or animal. We know that they take place but because its life and therefore it has an element of uncertainty. Uncertainty is the best ingredient of life which makes it more interesting and entertaining.

Certainty although looks good but if this element certainty replaces uncertainty in our life it will definitely make life worse. We won't be speculating, we won't be enjoying things as we won't find anything enjoyable in all these happenings around us at all. As all that happened was already was already identifiable altogether. What is the fun in watching a game where you already know the winner and the looser. Game is a game where both the teams work hard on there game to be a winner. Even if a team is stronger and hard working it isn't always going to win the game. This uncertainty makes us to keen to watch the game.

This uncertainty is visible and is there in all forms of life. This occupies all the professions, acts and phenomenon of this universe. Take any profession whether its medical science, engineering, farming, marketing, banking and rest, there are always probabilities, trends, and facts in support but not the conclusion. They all conclude that if things go right we can achieve this thing or this will happen. Everyone waits and watches till the completion of task to see the final outcome, as everything depicts metaphysical character.

Many of us with a pessimistic view may not wish that this could be the truth. They think when there is no certainty and every thing is uncertain then how can they think of welfare, of good results, of peace, of happiness. Well, I think they may be right from pessimistic point of view on uncertainty in life but actually this is something to cheer up on.

Life and nature provides this as an option to give us a second chance to do things to our utmost satisfaction because results will only affirm the same. There are several occasions in life when things become really gloomy and there is no way to find a ray of light. Here, at some moment things may dramatically change because there is no guarantee that such things won't happen. This uncertainty gives life to life, a reason for everyone to smile. Life is a game of certainty versus uncertainty. You never know who will win and loose a particular game. Therefore, enjoy the game of life without thinking about the results as its better to stay happy with positive thoughts.

My Personal Meaning of Life - People Answer to Question What is there Meaning of Life ?

Everyone has his/her own meaning of life. Actually we all hold a personal meaning of every thing. Even when we are taught in a class, each students understands things in a way that agree to his/her personal views and thinking. So, this is also the case with Meaning of Life Video.

Watch this music video "What is Life" by George Harrison and listen to his observation on life.

What do you think ?

Do you agree with what has been stated here?

Life can be expressed in a number of ways... - Valuable Internet Resources Comprehending Life

Life is life and remains such. Still each one of us has his own view, own way of expressing it. After all life is dynamic as an object and subject too.

Life is living me - Video - Mastered version of Life is Living me

Life for Children

Keep It Easy Policy

Children are really wonderful when it comes to enjoying life. They not only make fun of seriousness in life but even help others to relax for a moment.

A child helps parents to discover many things in life which they hardly discover by themselves. Children uncover human feelings which lie within everyone of us but are rarely discovered by most of us.

We think of a child as child who is cute and innocent with no understanding of this world and no work to do. A child on the contrary too holds same belief about others especially parents.

Children are gifted with an additional attribute that parents may or may not realize there child have and often uses this privilege. This additional attribute/privilege is:-

1) Being a Child;

2) Child is aware of your belief

Children often use this fact cunningly in their own favor a number of times. Why shouldn't they, after all they don't themselves as dumb. They have there own philosophy of life even if we think they are children.

Life An Awareness of Happiness

Playing the Game called Life

Leading a good life is what we have been doing and although we may regret one thing or the other on the way, we don't want to leave this just because of those problems. If this wouldn't have been a truth then why do we struggle hard leaving all our complaints behind at the moment we are sure its all reaching an end.

Its so simple to understand that we have been infatuated by life and its wonders. Somewhere we know that its worth living then losing. There is some hidden happiness in all the discourses of life.

Seeking Happiness in Life with Spirituality

Understanding Life with Philosophy in Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita is a part of ancient Sanskrit text from 'Mahabharata". It has a deep rooted philosophy on every expect of life.

All of us here on this planet are actually searching for happiness and meaning of life, that is why we do things one after the other and are always busy.

We are busy because we haven't yet completed our task and we will remain busy till we find a satisfactory answer for either happiness or meaning of life. Our search for such answers actually takes us to more and more unresolved question and thus this life cycle continues.

All these problems and endless search can be attributed to our multidimensional logical power of our brain. So, once our brain ceases to perform, becomes calm all our sempiternal problems and searches also cease.

This is easily said than understood may be because life has to exist on this planet.

There is also a 'Sadhaka' Group on Yahoo which explains these philosophies of Bhagavad Gita. If you wish to Join Sadhaka Group for philosophical messages, you can send a mail to above link. Philosophical path described in Bhagavad Geeta also forms integral part of Karma Yoga.

What is Life? Discover Life - Useful Stuff to Understand Life

What Is Life : A Subject of Life Science

Resources on Internet

Life is a medium of entertainment and those who are looking for an answer to 'what is life' are actually experiencing this in break. A little time in between the show when one looks around. When the entertainment session starts again one will again get deeply involved with the entertainment.

Now, those with a scientific oriented mind search for life in examples and explanations provided by life science and they can get a clue for further investigation at a website dedicated to Understanding Life from that angle. Visit What is Life Resource on Internet to search for the answer.

Food Crisis - Hunger and the Meaning of Life - Can one think about the meaning of life while being hungry? ...

There is no meaning of life when life is itself on brink of collapsing. We can only think of life and its meaning when we have time. We only have time when our basic necessities are met. Tension/Hypertension too are result of this.

Life An Unquenchable Thrist

Unbeatable Philosophy of Life & its Survival

Life is a thirst which remains unquenchable even after we break this thirst temporarily, time and again. We may have different ideas, views or definition of life but one thing which remains intact is its unquenchability.

Those who reach a conclusion, a target, a destination are again seen striving for another, with same jest and zeal as if they haven't achieved anything before.

Everything in life remains undiscovered and unknown. Those who feel and say that they have been able to satiate this unquenchable thirst of life, still look forward for a clue, that they have not mistaken life, its true essence and this suspicion even spills there state of knowing, understanding because life is an unquenchable thirst.

The Meaning of Life Video - A Meaningful Message Conveyed on Youtube

Discovering life & its meaning isn't a one time task, its an ongoing business, we keep discovering new wonders of life everyday, which help us to improve our own self, our vision and expectations from life which helps everyone our family, our society and nature.

This video on Youtube explains many things about life using simple slides having enough power to convey a series of messages in full depth.

Life -An Appreciation of Positive Approach

Positive thinking is meticulously appreciated by nature, naturally.

Life is an appreciation of positive approach. This is the underlying fact that we must understand in order to enjoy a calm, happy and peaceful life.

Each problem that is posed to us has a solution and life means searching for that solution, reaching that solution after crossing all barriers of time, place and circumstances.

Life poses these questions or problems as if we are participating in a quiz competition. We confront with all sort of problems big and small, meaningful and meaningless, emotional and logical every now and then. Only a positive approach, a positive thought that it's a quiz competition and posing a problem which doesn't have visible easy solution is what a quiz competition stands for and we must appreciate it.

The competition in life ceases to exist when our approach is a positive approach, our thinking is a positive thinking, because life appreciates and rewards positive thinking.

Life is A Balancing Act

Life is balancing of Positive and Negative forces.

Life is an act of balancing. Non living beings don't have to balance, they don't play any balancing role themselves. It is only human being or living creatures who are known to be good or bad. Each one of them can react to a situation in there own unique way. How will one react depends on how balanced he is.

All the processes of this universe are an outcome of these positive and negative forces. Things that work, work because they had some specific balance. Things that don't work, don't work because they have a specific balance. Everything in life is based on some balance.

Even an individual is good or bad, happy or sad because he is maintaining or have reached some state of balance.

Positive and Negative each has a role to play in our life. Getting dragged with a single force whether positive or negative isn't desirable. A perfect balance is something we all search for.

These minor things have a major impact in our life. Today somewhere we've lost this balance. This is obvious when we look at ourself, our society, our country and this planet.

We can balance our life by balancing our imagination because law of nature still prevails on this planet where Imaginations leads to realizations.

Solitude Can Bring Close to Its Meaning

Solitude a way to enjoy life and search its meaning.

Solitude is a positive state of loneliness, a mental state which is suitable for introspection. Introspection actually leads to happiness as a person discovers reasons for what is happening and how he is responsible and how can he change the results.

Introspection is possible in solitude only, as one can concentrate on the purpose without getting disturbed. Enjoying Solitude in enjoying life and finding a true meaning of life.

There are studies suggesting that spending a little time in solitude everyday improves mental health and well-being which are strong reasons to live and be happy.

Meaning of Life - Plato

Philosophical Classification of Life and Its Meaning

There are so many ways to search for the meaning of life? Every answer to this question is able to satisfy a group of people who subconsciously believe in that specific theory.

Super naturalists can find the appropriate meaning of life in either Soul Centered View or God Centered View.

Naturalists can base there opinion on meaning of life as an object like helping others, working, moral value etc or it can be based on subjective interpretation like meaning of life is what you want in your life, for some life can mean playing games for others it can be reading books etc.

There is yet another perspective (Nihilism) to understand meaning of life.

Read more on The Meaning of Life at Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy's website.

Life Is A Duty, A Responsibility

A Realization of Our Rights & Duties

Life is a duty, a job which is automatically shared by all of us. Every form of life is involved in performing some duties which applies to both living and non living objects. Civilized and uncivilized people, plants and animals.

All these activities lead to a surrounding, an environment. Those who are completely immersed in there duty (job), have great respect for life. They actually enjoy life, those who find fault with there own (automatically assigned) duties lead a life which seem to be a burden to them.

Life is a responsibility to perform unceasingly without stopping anywhere. If we are happy, then it means we have been able to perform our duties quiet well and are ready to move on with more responsibilities.

Everyone of us is involved in some kind of duties, we are all doing are duties either willingly or unwillingly. It is a law of nature, everything has a role on this planet, this universe and nobody can alter this role, when we perform this role/our duties with honesty and interest, life seems to be meaningful, interesting, a good place to live. On the other hand when we try to run away from our duties, our responsibilities we face problems (often called misfortune), obstacles and thus loose interest in life. So, one meaning of life is definitely attending to our duties honestly as life is a duty, a sum of activities.

Good performance and role is naturally rewarded and interfering with this role and reward is beyond the scope of human beings.

Don't Worry Be Happy

A secret Tonic for A Meaningful Life

I've heard it a number of times before and after realizing its meaning. When I first heard this phrase I thought it was easy to say then to act, I thought it was all made to misguide, to distract our self from our problems. A simple way to fool ourself and be happy about it.

Later when I realized its meaning after struggling and seeing a number of ups and downs, I was ashamed that I had got a ready to use conclusion (in the form of phrase Don't Worry be Happy) and still I was not able to take advantage of it.

This is not the only phrase or instance in my life which made me realize something. It is just one of them. We often approve things after taking the steep learning curve and discovering it on our own, we reach the same conclusion after years of hard work, efforts and pain.

Then we try to teach (preach) our children, our juniors that don't be foolish do this, at least hear to what an already fooled person is telling you, but they repeat the same mistakes in the same manner because now its there life, there turn to learn same thing, after going through a similar process.

We often forget that Worries don't provide a solution and Happiness never creates a problem. So, there is no need to interchange happiness and worries in difficult circumstances.

Nobody can help you or me to realize this fact, it is for us to discover it on our own, more words on the topic will not add more power to it. So, Don't Worry, Be Happy.


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