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Heli Skiing - How Much Does Heli skiing Cost?

Updated on July 13, 2010

Once you have discovered the answer to the question what is heli skiing, you may decide that this is the ultimate skiing vacation for you. The extra skills involved in negotiating your way down unmarked ski runs could be the adrenalin rush you need. There are several places that you can visit in order to get your off piste skiing fix but it all comes at a price.

Helicopter Hire Is Not Cheap

The major expense involved in a heli skiing holiday is the use of a helicopter along with its pilot. The pilot is charged with taking you up to your destination. Depending on the type of trip you have booked and the height of the mountains facing you, you could be flying up only once during the day or you could end up taking multiple trips up to the top of the mountains.

Heli skiing - Get dropped off in the middle of nowhere
Heli skiing - Get dropped off in the middle of nowhere
photo credit: dirkgroeger

The Cost Of Your Professional Guide

Companies that run these types of adventure vacations will naturally hire staff who are professional and highly proficient skiers. It is their responsibility to take you from the drop off point at the beginning of your trip and get you back down the mountain safely.

The guide will be highly skilled in understanding the terrain and negotiating his or her way around any potential hazards that may arise along the route.

He or she will usually be an extreme sports skier with no fear and will be paid handsomely to ensure your security and safety in making it down the mountain.

Extreme skiing action
Extreme skiing action
photo credit: dirkgroeger

The Cost Of Travel To Your Destination

You may be able to get an all inclusive vacation package deal which will include the cost of getting to your chosen destination and the cost of your accommodation. Alternatively you may have to make your own arrangements to get to the skiing destination and book your helicopter skiing excursion once you arrive.

Whatever way you choose to book your holiday, this will not be a budget trip so come prepared with your platinum credit card if you want to have a holiday to remember.

Different Countries Offer Different Heli skiing Opportunities

There is a wealth of holiday destinations to choose from which are perfect for heli skiing. This can include the various resorts that can be found in Europe, Greenland, Canada and Alaska.

Different types of terrain will determine what country will be more favourable to you. Check out what sort of mountain faces you would like to attack before making a booking.


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