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Do the Indiana Pacers have enough to beat the Miami Heat in the playoffs

Updated on April 20, 2014

Remind you of something

Back in the days
Back in the days | Source

Could the Indiana Pacers be the 90's Knicks all over again

While watching classic NBA games from the 90’s, I had a thought while viewing the great Chicago Bulls teams lead by Michael Jordan. How painful and frustrating it must have been each year for Patrick Ewing and the New York Knicks. Working harder in the off season, adding key players, studying video all to get an edge that would possibly help them defeat the Bulls in the playoffs. But for three straight years the same result, bounced from the playoffs by the same team. Sound familiar. Maybe the toughest lost came in the 92-93 season when the Knicks finished with the best record in the Eastern conference, home court advantage in the playoffs, but the same result a loss to the Bulls.

A blast from the past

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Can the Indiana Pacers beat the Miami Heat in the playoffs

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The Indiana Pacers started this season with one agreeable goal. Get home court advantage in the Eastern conference playoffs, and utilize that preference to defeat the Miami Heat for an excursion to the NBA finals. The inquiry the Pacers need to reply, would it say it is the Heat they have to thrashing or would it say it is Lebron James? In last seasons playoffs Lebron James lead the Miami Heat in focuses for every game during the playoff series (29), points (7.3), assist (5.3), steals (1.4), and blocks (1.4) per game throughout the series. To run with those details James likewise shot 51% from the field and 44% from 3 point range. The inquiry is the means by which do you moderate Lebron and provide for yourself an opportunity to win. Indiana regularly utilizes late help within an endeavor to balance his going to open three point shooters. Holding James is the first venture to easing off an exceptionally successful line up.

One more chance

This may be the Pacers last chance
This may be the Pacers last chance | Source

While endeavoring to ease off Miami's three point shooters, Indiana will need to handle purposes of their own. In last seasons seven game playoff series versus the Heat, Roy Hibbert lead the Indiana Pacers in points (22) and rebounds (10) per game for every the series. Miami countered with the signing of Greg Oden, however its still an inquiry in the event that he will be prepared and capable for the playoffs. Hibbert and power forward David West represent the greatest playing point that Indiana has against the Miami Heat in a playoff series.

Highlights from last years playoffs with the Miami Heat

With victory misfortunes to the San Antonio Spurs and Atlanta Hawks, the Indiana Pacers appear to be heading towards a free fall. In the wake of posting the best record in the Eastern Conference through the first 50% of the season, the Pacers appear to be limping into the playoffs. With an objective of posting the best record in the East to secure home court advantage in playoff the Pacers might simply be using up steam, or would it be able to be something else. Indiana made a sprinkle before the trade deadline due date in an endeavor to include dept for the playoffs. The Pacers included dept at the focal point position by signing previous L.a. Lakers center Andrew Bynum. They likewise chose to exchange for Evan Turner, yet let go of long time Pacer Danny Granger which brings us to the issue. Pacer country may take in misgiving switching a line up that had demonstrated itself compelling. Granger maybe was the absolute entirety of Indiana and perhaps the misfortune of him may have changed the dynamic of the group. Without Danny, Paul George and David West will need to venture up and turn into the pioneers on a group looking to make it to the NBA finals.


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