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What Chicago Bulls fans should expect in the upcoming season

Updated on August 31, 2013

Can the Chicago Bulls overcome the Heat?

Building for the future
Building for the future | Source

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Can the Chicago Bulls beat the Miami Heat in the playoffs?

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Check out some top plays from last season

Who could the Bulls use?

What NBA star should join the Bulls if they want to win a championship?

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About last season

Many Chicago Bulls fans watched last season go up in smoke. After the injury to Derrick Rose in the previous season’s playoffs, many fans had mixed emotions on his return. It was an issue that divided the city much like that over which baseball team is better(Cubs or White Sox). The team had an up and down season going into the playoffs which saw the team win a hard fought first round series against the Brooklyn Nets, to the loss against the Miami Heat in the Eastern conference semi finals. While it was a brutal season for most fans to watch, the team made basketball lovers from around the league proud of the short handed Bulls play without it’s best players on the court.Now we look to the future. Fan favorites from last season Marco Belinelli and Nate Robinson will most likely move on to other teams after having strong showing last season. So what will make this season end different from last year? Truthfully nothing. The Bulls will have another strong showing in the regular season, a deep run in the playoffs, and will fall short to the Miami Heat. The good news is this could be the final step into unlocking a team built for a dynasty.

Chicago Bulls upper management learn a valuable lesson from watching the San Antonio Spurs battle the Miami Heat in last season’s finals, you can never have enough shooters. The Spurs used the Miami Heats aggressive nature on defense to take open shots from long range. The Bulls main targets this post season has been to improve their weak three point shooting. In the draft the Bulls selected Tony Snell and Erik Murphy while singing Mike Dunleavy jr via free agency. Each move improves long range shooting for a team who ranked near the bottom of the league in three point shooting, and also adds versatility off of the bench. The moves also put to question will the team resign Luol Deng or amnesty Carlos Boozer after next season. Next years free agency could involve names like Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James, and Kobe Bryant each who could lift the Chicago Bulls to the NBA finals.

Which Bulls has the most to prove?

In fans eyes Derrick Rose has the most to prove, but for the organization it’s Luol Deng and Carlos Boozer. Deng who is a favorite of coach Tom Thibodeau struggles to score at times and plays heavy minutes during games. Some would argue that rookie Tony Snell fits the same profile as Deng on the court. Deng struggles when putting the ball on the floor, and prefers to shoot jumpers even when they are not falling. Carlos Boozer at times seems uninterested during games, and makes silly mistakes at crucial times in games. Boozer perhaps had his strongest season with the Bulls last year which could have been due to the absence of Derrick Rose. He was best used early in games when posting defenders in the low post. The biggest problem is his lack of defense, and he struggles against taller defenders.

What players should the Chicago Bulls target in next years free agency?

Once again the Bulls will have a chance to try and land star free agents like LeBron James,Dwyane Wade, and Carmelo Anthony. James and Wade are almost certain to return to south beach which leaves Carmelo. With the future of the New York Knicks uncertain Carmelo Anthony my look elsewhere if he wants to win a championship. The two need each other more than they know. Anthony give the Bulls a star who can take the pressure off of Derrick Rose and also score late in games.For the Bulls car space which is hard to find in the NBA will begin to open up over the next couple of seasons.


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