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Euro 2012 Predictions

Updated on May 3, 2012

Group Stage

Group A

  1. Russia
  2. Czech Republic
  3. Poland
  4. Greece

This is probably the hardest group to call, as all the teams are quite evenly matched. However I think Russia will come out on top of the group, with Czech Republic going through as runners up. Poland to come 3rd, Greece bottom.

Group B

  1. Germany
  2. Netherlands
  3. Portugal
  4. Denmark

This group has been very tough on Denmark as they've come up against 3 potential winners of the competition. So they will come bottom with 0 points. The other three teams are quite closely matched but I think Portugal are just the weaker team, and so will only come third in the group.

Between Netherlands and Germany it could go either way but I think Germany will edge it to win the group.

Group C

  1. Spain
  2. Italy
  3. Republic Of Ireland
  4. Croatia

For me I can only see one winner for this group, Spain. The second placed position could go to any of the other three depending on whether Italy play as bad as at the World Cup. However I think it will be Italy to go through behind Spain with Republic Of Ireland 3rd and Croatia bottom.

Group D

  1. France
  2. England
  3. Ukraine
  4. Sweden

I can see France winning this group as long as they play like they can unlike in the 2010 World Cup. England have a tendency to do badly in the group stages so I think they will continue that here, but will still get through ahead of Ukraine in 3rd and Sweden in 4th.

Quarter Finals

Quarter Final 1

Winner Group A vs Runner Up Group B

Russia vs Netherlands

Group A is the weakest group and Netherlands will be easily too good.

Netherlands to win.

Quarter Final 2

Winner Group B vs Runner Up Group A

Germany vs Czech Republic

Again, Germany will easily be too strong for Czech Republic.

Germany to win.

Quarter Final 3

Winner Group C vs Runner Up Group D

Spain vs England

Unfortunately Spain are the best team in the world and even though England beat them in November 2011, Spain will win this.

Spain to win.

Quarter Final 4

Winner Group D vs Runner Up Group C

France vs Italy

This should be the most exciting of the quarter finals. A rematch for the 2006 world cup final which Italy won, between 2 teams who both massively underperformed in South Africa. It will be tight, probably extra time and maybe penalties, but I think France will get through.

France to win.

Semi Finals

Semi Final 1

Winner Quarter Final 1 vs Winner Quarter Final 3

Netherlands vs Spain

A repeat of the 2010 World Cup Final which Spain won, I can see Spain being just too strong for Netherlands again.

Spain to win.

Semi Final 2

Winner Quarter Final 2 vs Winner Quarter Final 4

Germany vs France

Another intriguing match involving France. Both teams have players capable of winning any game on their day, but I just think Germany have more: Ozil, Podolski, Klose. Also, Germany are a consistent tournament team, they always get to at least the semi, so I think this time they will go all the way to the final.

Germany to win.


Spain vs Germany

So it will be a Spain, Germany final. The champions of the last two tournaments vs the young team that suddenly emerged at the 2010 World Cup as serious contenders.

I think this will be the game that ends Spain's dominace and sees Germany become the new European champions.

Germany to win.

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    • edmob1 profile image

      edmob1 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      Sticking with my original view but Poland have suprised me so far,be nice to see them make it to the quarters.

    • Bill Akleh profile image

      Bill Akleh 5 years ago from Vancouver

      For me France is the strongest team - despite their showing against Iceland. Assuming they can get their central defenders sorted out they have the best fullbacks in the tournament and are strong everywhere else on the pitch. Better than Germany for me at least.

    • profile image

      Petro 5 years ago

      I think that Germany has the best chance at winning because they play a really dinamic game and have a young team with a lot of potential.

    • edmob1 profile image

      edmob1 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      I believe your right to go for Germany as overall winners. Your group predictions not so hot Groups A & D anyone can win. Group B should be Germany and Group C Spain but eh qualifiers could easily be Portugal and Republic of Ireland.

    • profile image

      Mario 5 years ago

      Italy will surprise everyone, just like the world cup in 2006. They have great goaltending, solid defense,fantastic midfield and fast and talented strikers. It will be a struggle for any team to beat this group. Prandelli is on the right track. No team is ever a threat to the Azzurri.

    • profile image

      Jason 5 years ago

      No team is guaranteed to get out of their group. There are always upsets and I truly believe this year will hold several.

    • AfricaResource profile image

      AfricaResource 5 years ago from Dorking, Surrey, United Kingdom

      I think it's between Germany, Holland & Spain. Whilst i would love England to do it, i just can't see it happening!

    • Donnacha C profile image

      Donnacha C 5 years ago from Ennis, Co Clare, Republic of Ireland

      Ireland will be the surprise team of the tournament, watch this space....Impossible to predict who will win at this stage, as need to wait and see closer to the date regarding injuries etc...

    • profile image

      alex 5 years ago

      As a reader, I can respect your reasons. But as a Spaniard I can tell you it has Never been about one person or a couple people. It is our heart that finally won us the titles. In every tournament Ever, Spain has been a contender, whether having a prolific 2010/2012 team or not. Spaniards play some of the Best football in the world. (and considering my bias, I say THE best) To an extent we love to win, but it's really the game that our lives revolve around.

    • qmfaisal profile image

      qmfaisal 5 years ago from Dhaka

      IMO, it's going to be between Spain and France. Spain might have the edge for all the known and experienced faces but I say France is team to watch for. With Ribery, Benzema and Samir Nasri, France has a great forward line.

    • chef-de-jour profile image

      Andrew Spacey 5 years ago from Near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire,UK

      It's going to be a closer affair between France and Italy and I'd just squeak an Italian win. If they can massively tighten up defence and score one goal I'd want them to beat der Deutschers naturlich!

      But your logic will prevail. Germany in the final, ja. But then.....a Spain victory. Their team is too young to fold up now.


    • jamiew12310 profile image

      jamiew12310 5 years ago

      Yeah it's a really interesting draw because the only team that is guaranteed to get out of their group is Spain, apart from that nobody is safe!

    • charmike4 profile image

      Michael Kromwyk 5 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      I think that the Dutch will go a long way in the tournament and maybe might get to play off for the cup. If they do meet Spain in the semis then that might be the game of the tournament.

      I don't think that England have the firepower to escape the group matches, but stranger things have happened!

    • JKenny profile image

      James Kenny 5 years ago from Birmingham, England

      Yep, pretty much agree with this, except that I think Spain will win it again, and I can see the Irish qualifying ahead of the Italians. England will scrape through the group, but then either get thrashed in the quarter finals or lose on penalties.