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Scuba Diving Accessories

Updated on May 17, 2010

There is huge amount of scuba diving accessories to choose from nowadays and if you are new to this wonderful world of scuba diving, choosing the right accessories for yourself can sometimes be confusing and at times frustrating.

First of all you will have to decide for yourself which type of diving do you prefer. This of course is an interest that you will develop according to your taste and with time you will follow for example cave diving, shipwreck diving, tech diving, extended range, underwater photography or just continue to have simple and relaxing dives off the Caribbean or the Red Sea.

When out buying scuba diving accessories you can really go head over heels and end up acquiring scuba gear that probably you will only end up using once, and that´s just to try it out on a dive.

The following is a list of the basic scuba gear that you should think of adding to your bag.

Diving Computer

I know that this could probably be a big investment for you right at the beginning but believe me it will pay off in no time.

A diving computer will automatically calculate if you have to do any decompression stops, starting at what depth and the time in each decompression stop.

Also if you are ascending too rapidly, as well if you are doing more than one dive a day it will tell you the surface interval necessary before your next dive.

In comparison to using dive tables and going along the bottom time information given on that table, it will increase considerably your diving time still with a large safety margin. It will be the next best thing after your dive buddy.

Some computers come supplied with data transmission cables and software so you can download your dive info into your personal computer.


This is one instrument you should get for your underwater bearings. If you are diving in a spot where there are not too many relevant guiding references, if the bottom is mostly composed of sand or even if visibility is considerably reduced or doing a night dive, then you should add it to your gear. They don´t cost much.

Scuba Diving Watch

This will be useful if you don´t have a dive computer. Together with your tables they make a good team for the necessary calculations you will need.

Then again a diving watch will tell anyone on your day-to-day that you´re a scuba diver, and interesting conversations can start from here and…I´ll let your imagination flow.

Log book

They are cheap and you could jot down all necessary information after each and every dive for future memory.

Most importantly is when you´re diving for the first time with a dive charter that doesn´t know anything about you and your diving skills.

They can ask for your log book to see at what sort of diving experience you have. If you don´t have one you could probably end up not getting in the boat.

Diving Light

Now why should I have a diving light on a day time dive? Well, you will be surprised at the times you will need one!

Even if you are diving in crystal clear waters at day time on a reef, nooks, crannies, holes, ledges and so on are teeming with life and you don´t want to miss that.

They are essential for night, cave and wreck diving but besides that on your normal dives they too come in very handy.

I myself always carry two of them, a good medium sized light clipped to my BC and a much smaller one as a back up in my pocket.

You never know when batteries run flat or bulbs burn out.

Diving Knife

It´s not to ward off sharks or to stab that giant octopus guarding the sunken treasure you have just found.

A dive knife will come in handy to cut that lost fishing line that got tangled on the swivel of your fin, or even to cut yourself free from that almost invisible lost nylon fishing net.

A good knife not only should it cut but as well allow you to use it as pray bar and even a hammer.

Safety Sausage

They are neatly folded and fit well in your BC pocket and they come in yellow, red or orange colors.

These markers are very useful when you are doing a free ascent and they mark your position so the boat can pick you up in case you get separated from your buddies.

Inflating one with your regulator takes a bit of practice.

Deflate your BC a bit when you are inflating the sausage or you can be pulled up by it.

Banger/noise maker

A simple device that makes a bang or a rattling noise to get the attention of someone else while diving. These usually get the attention of the whole group and your nerves as well, especially if some that has one uses it every time they see a new fish.

Writing slate

These simple slates let you write something down to communicate with your buddy or take notes of what you are seeing.

Strobe light

They can come in very handy if visibility is not that great.

You can always attach one of these three or four meters above the anchor on the line and turn it on to help you find your way back.


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