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Scuba Diving Equipment Basic Gear

Updated on February 14, 2011

You haven´t yet finished your scuba diving classes and you´re already thinking of getting some ­­scuba diving equipment.

Well, hold on there for just a minute! There are a lot of different types and brands of scuba gear for you to choose from and they all want a piece of you!

Not knowing exactly what you need can spell a quick sale for the scuba gear salesman and it could result that in the near future you realize that you should´ve bought something else.

The basic gear you will need as part of your scuba diving equipment will definitely make a dent in your wallet. If chosen well and if you take good care of your gear it will give you many pleasurable dives without any hassle!

  • Wet suit / Semi-wet suit / Dry suit

This is probably the first scuba diving equipment you´re going to buy. They are mostly made from neoprene. Suits are made of normal neoprene or compressed neoprene. Diving suits main job is to keep your body warm. It´s a barrier against the coldness of the water that soon enough withdraws your body heat.

Your diving suit should be chosen mostly according to where you are going to dive regularly, keeping in mind the average water temperature.

  • Mask

If you haven´t got one already, there are all kinds of masks out there to chose from but the one that fits you best is probably the best one for you. Learn more on how to choose and maintain scuba masks.

  • Boots

If you haven´t chosen a dry suit then boots are on the list as part of your scuba diving equipment. Boots protect your feet and should be chosen at the same time as fins.

  • Fins

They give you the thrust so you can move underwater just like the tail of a fish. They come either in full foot or open heel. If you´re getting open heeled then try them with your own boots and check for any fitting slack. Full foot is mostly for warmer or tropical waters.

  • Weights

These are necessary to counter the positive buoyancy of your dive suit so you can dive. Lead weights are commonly used as a belt around your waist, however some BCD´s come with integrated weights.

  • BCD or Stabilizing Jacket

The BCD (Buoyancy Control Device) or Stabilizing Jacket is like a bladder that lets you inject or eject air according to your diving buoyancy needs. This basic scuba diving equipment is fundamental to become neutrally buoyant and hovering your dive site with ease.

  • Regulator

Another investment that should be carefully thought about. This basic scuba diving equipment is where you breathe from once you stick it in your mouth. It’s connected through a hose to a device that is called the first stage. This first stage device is connected to the dive tank either by yoke or DIN system and drastically reduces the air pressure from the dive tank.

  • Octopus or Alternate Air Source

Just like the regulator you breathe through, the octopus or alternate air source is a backup in case yours or your buddy’s main regulator falters. Usually they come in bright yellow or light green for easy location.

  • Dive Tank or Cylinder

A dive tank is your source of air or tailored breathing gas. This tank as your scuba diving equipment where air or a mixture of selected gas is compressed into is made of steel or aluminum and can have a top pressure of 225bar when filled. Some steel tanks in the market now allow a top filling of 330bar that can greatly extend your diving time. Tanks are usually manufactured in 3, 8, 10, 12, 15 and 18 liter sizes. While the 12 liter sizes are normally and mostly used, the 3 liter tanks are used as independent or as a pony bottle when deep diving, wreck diving or even cave diving.

  • Depth Gauge

This gauge continually shows you how deep you are. Depth is measured in both feet or meters and most warn if you are ascending to quickly and what safety stops you have to do.

There you have it. The Scuba diving basic gear!

Do it safely and enjoy diving!


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    • johnwick profile image


      7 years ago from Eastbourne

      Great hub! :)


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