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Scuba Snorkel Gear

Updated on May 15, 2010

There is so much snorkel gear on the market to choose from nowadays that if you are initially getting into scuba diving and thinking of buying your own scuba diving equipment you can get confused and probably end up with the wrong snorkel gear for your diving trips.

A snorkel that is an important part of your diving equipment, especially when you´re on the surface, is just a tube that you can breathe through when you are in the water’s surface facing down or there is a bit of choppy waves splashing on your face. It is a very useful gear as well when you´re diving off a beach.

Any snorkel gear you end up choosing as part of your scuba equipment is aimed at keeping you comfortable in the water’s surface while you´re waiting for your buddies and especially to save you air.

You do not and you should not use the air you have in your tank while on the surface. Save that bottled air for when you´re underwater. Coming up after a dive with spare air is better than coming up with no air at all. Yes…Exactly!

Basic Scuba Snorkel Gear Set

Snorkel gear nowadays come with many options to choose from. You have snorkels that are simple and j-like shape that are rigid and un-flexible and that can be uncomforting but are cheap, but with a complex snorkel you have more options to choose from. Snorkels come with an assortment of options.

Snorkel Options

  • Flexible Sections- These are flexible sections or flexible barrels on snorkels that are attached to and in between the main tube and the mouthpiece. This flexibility makes it more comfortable to hold the mouthpiece in your mouth and it as well has the further benefit of allowing the mouthpiece to drop away from the diver’s mouth when he/she releases it, and therefore will not dangle next to your face or regulator.

  • Rotating Mouthpiece- Snorkels with a rotating mouthpiece makes the snorkel a bit more personalized because you can set them at the right angle to fit your mouth and thus having to use less “bite force” to keep it in your mouth as in comparison to a fixed mouthpiece snorkel

  • Purge Valves- These are common now on snorkel gear. This small valve that is located right at the bottom of your snorkel lets you clear water with every breath you take very easily. Instead of having to blow the water all the way up and out the tip of the snorkel, this one way valve makes the job easy and effortless.

  • Splash guards- Splash guards or water deflectors are fitted to the top of the tube to redirect water from the snorkel in case a wave hits you and thus lessen the amount of water entering your snorkel that you have to blow away. Also at the very top of this snorkel there is a rounded and angled tip that projects water away from you every time you forcibly exhale to clear your snorkel.

  • Dry Snorkels- In addition there are the so called dry snorkels in the market that continue dry, and they “stay” dry even when you are submerged. Ask yourself if you want something always positively buoyant dangling from your mask strap every time you´re submerged.

A Bit More on Snorkel Gear

All this information that I have just described above is to make it easier for you on deciding the best fitting snorkel gear that you should get. A snorkel is a snorkel, but the gap in between is getting wider and there is many a snorkel gear from which to choose from.

Snorkel wise, I only use it at times on the surface when weather conditions are a bit rough, and as soon as I submerge and as I get to my designated depth, I remove it from my mask strap and just simply wedge it securely in my left leg straps next to my knife.

I really don’t like anything flapping close to my regulator or even sticking out above my head.

And at the end of the dive, when I surface, if the waves are still a bit choppy, I just stick it in between my mask strap and use it until I get to the boat.

Do it safely and enjoy diving!


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