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Walleye Fishing Tournament-Tips

Updated on May 7, 2011

Walleye Fishing Tournament-Let`s Begin

So you want to enter into your first walleye fishing tournament.  That`s all good but you do need to know there are some rules you will need to follow.  A couple of the most important things to know is you will be the Non-Boater and the driver will be the Boater.  What this means is you will be fishing from the back.

Many of my readers in my early hubbing stages knows I do like to do some spoofs.  This will be no different.  This hub is dedicated to a walleye fishing tournament just with a little bit of a different angle.

Walleye Fishing Tournament-Non Boater Tips

  • Its ok if you don`t show up on time to start the tournament. Your partner will be very forgiving.
  • Its important to show off to the boater and bring much superior equipment to what he will be using. This will impress him and get you in his good books.
  • Don`t worry about taking chances. It`s ok to lose hooks, get caught up or even play your radio loud. The boater will show great patience and work very proudly on training you.
  • Pee If you have to take a pee don`t worry about doing it anywhere special. Feel free to let it hang out even if you are in a tremendous fishing spot.
  • The old myth about being quiet is just that, a myth. It is absolutely alright to make all the noise you want. This will actually attract fish and don`t let anyone tell you any different.
  • Bring lots of lunch, utensils, and even a bar-b-que. Get the boater to stop for a nice long shore lunch and nap.
  • During the walleye fishing tournament make lots of stop requests. It is very important that you do things like go to the washroom, stretch your legs and take a nap. If the fish are biting don`t worry they will still be there when you get back.
  • The worst thing you can do is spit over the edge of the boat. For some reason this scares the fish. The boater knows this and will not say a word if you are spitting inside the boat.
  • Always ask lots of questions. It`s ok to be talking and asking all day long. This will show the boater that you are interested and want to do a good job.
  • A very important thing to do during a walleye fishing tournament is ask the boater to teach you to drive. With all the enthusiasm you are showing you are sure to get called back again.

Walleye Fishing Tournament-Boater Time Savers

  • Let the non boater drive. This way you can have everything ready when you guys stop, if you do stop.
  • Don't worry about anything marked danger. Those signs are there just in case. You need to save every second possible so short cuts are the way to go.
  • Being prepared is very important. You want everything ready to go when you get to the lake. I would suggest you have your fishing partner ride in the boat on the way to the walleye fishing tournament. This way there will be no excuses.
  • Remember in a walleye fishing tournament everything is about time. Anything you can do to save time will give you a better chance at winning. So feel free to leave the trolling motor down when changing spots.
  • You snooze, you lose. leave the truck and trailer on the ramp so you can quickly get the boat out of the water at the end of the day. This way you can get to the next walleye fishing tournament faster.
  • Troll for deep water walleye right off the boat launch. There is a good chance you will catch the fish coming in for a feed. Don't worry if the water is all stirred up. The fish will not even notice this.
  • The livewell is just a waste of time. You need to worry about temperature and all sorts of other things. To save time just keep the fish hanging over the edge of the boat on a stringer.
  • A big mistake most fisher people make at each walleye fishing tournament is shutting the big motor off.  I have said over and over this is all about time.  Wasting even a few precious seconds could mean the difference between winning and losing.
  • At any given time on any given day you could be facing any amount of elements when it comes to the weather.  In saying this I suggest that at the beginning of the day you are dressed in warm clothes, have your rain suit on and have your sunscreen on.  This will eliminate having to adjust during the day..
  • I think one of the most important time saving tips I can give you for the walleye fishing tournament is this.  Adult diapers have a wide array of uses.  So much time can be saved if you don't need to stop for bathroom breaks.

Walleye Fishing Tournament-Final Word

At the end of the day in any walleye fishing tournament everything comes down to saving time.  Above are just a few ways that you can use.  Im sure there are many others that people would like to share with us.

I am sure by now you have figured this out to be a spoof.  I am having fun at my own expense as I am an avid fisherman.  I'm sure tournament fisher people will get a chuckle out of this.  The true most important factor in any walleye fishing tournament is safety.  As long as you take care of the safety everything else will take care of its self.

Have fun in your next walleye fishing tournament.

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    • profile image

      Sweetsfishing 6 years ago

      Ha, funny website! It brings back some terrible memories!

    • Dale Mazurek profile image

      Dale Mazurek 8 years ago from Canada

      Nothing better then a good feed of walleye. My hubs will not always have the humor but life is too short to not have some good laughs.

      Thanks for stopping by my friend

    • Army Infantry Mom profile image

      Army Infantry Mom 8 years ago

      yummm,..I'm hungry now for some fresh Walleye !!!! I absolutly love your sense of humor,..Its refreshing !!!