76ers:The Future

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  1. W1totalk profile image71
    W1totalkposted 5 years ago

    It has become clear to me the Philadelphia 76ers are at a crossroads. It seems they are in a process of getting a new coach. It seems they have to figure what players to sign or not. It just seems like they are in a mess. I would, however, like to try to create a general makeup for the team going forward.
    1) They should keep a basic core for this team
      Jru Holiday I feel fits with the team and can be a clutch player in spurts. I think Evan Turner will develop into something better at the small forward and shooting guard areas. Thaddeus Young, I believe, reminds me of James Worthy. I think he will continue to be the necessary fit for this team if he gets into his position. The Sixers should also keep Moultry and Wright.
    2) I just believe Bynum should go
    Bynum will always be hurt. In this case, it would help the Sixers to find a solution. I think they need a forward blend. The forward blend is a group of 6'10" to 7'0" players to be atheletic, play defense and have some set and freestyle offensive skill. The blend will be complete with the addition of a forward superstar. It could be Marc Gasol, Al Jefferson or someone in that mold to apply a post mindset and add something to the Philadelphia team that has been missing since the 80s, a post presence.
    3) Fill in the competent gaps
    I hope the Sixers can get guards and forwards going forward that are hard, play defense and are not great scorers but understand what they do consistently to stay in the league. They will hopefully get players with a team mindset. They can get players that support a city as well as their team.

    What do you think the Sixers need going forward?

  2. Alphadogg16 profile image92
    Alphadogg16posted 5 years ago

    Well, the first mistake was hiring Doug Collins in the first place. Phil Jackson inherited Collins's Bulls team with Jordan, Pippen, Grant, Paxson, etc...and immediately won 3 NBA titles with them. HE couldn't win with the greatest Player on the planet. And 2nd, The should have never acquired Bynum, he's a moron & was injury prone with the Lakers. I think the Sixers should keep their young core (mainly Holiday and Turner) and rebuild. They will not contend any time soon.

  3. Thief12 profile image92
    Thief12posted 5 years ago

    I kinda like their young team, but the Bynum trade really bit them in the ass. Not only because Bynum AND Jason Richardson ended up not even playing, but because they gave up their best player (Iguodala) and a promising star in Vucevic. So basically they ended up with their hands empty. That's why I have to give them some leeway regarding their performance this season. They were dealt a crappy hand, and did their best.

    Now, they have a good core of young players, but they need an anchor. They either need a veteran to steer the ship, or a good/great rookie to take them over the hump. I'm not sure how many picks they have in the upcoming draft, but that would be a start. Other than that, they have to explore what possible trades would benefit them, without breaking the core of young players they have now.

    As for Collins, I wouldn't put too much blame on him. Like I said above, he got dealt a crappy hand, and the Bynum trade wasn't his call as far as I know. I remember just last year, he was being praised for taking the team to the playoffs and defeating the Bulls, so I guess it's all a matter of perspective. I won't be so fast to put blame on him. I think he's a solid coach that teaches good fundamentals to young players.

  4. jeolmoz2 profile image56
    jeolmoz2posted 5 years ago

    Andrew Bynum never had any intentions to play for the Sixers. Personally, I think the guy’s a Magician because he made all the Philadelphia Fans’ Hopes and Dreams disappear!


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