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I need help with my slice shot?

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    Brian Lee27posted 8 years ago

    I need help with my slice shot?

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    mickeuanposted 8 years ago

    There are many factors that can cause a slice. Why not read the hub below which covers all the basics of the golf swing, including the grip that could cause you to slice:

    http://hubpages.com/hub/golf-tips-for-b … golf-swing

  3. rider_tiger profile image91
    rider_tigerposted 8 years ago

    I had a bad slice. I took a lesson in a golf club but I had to figure it out myself. Here is the easiest way to cure it:
    If your ball is going straight and then right, pull your left feet a little bit back. If opposite (ball going right), pull your right feet a little back.
    And a little bit complicated way to cure it is to think of your arms like ropes, they are hanging from your body. When you swing, think of ropes that are swinging straight from your body. Try these and let me know...

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    turners14posted 8 years ago

    Come check out my hub page I have a how to fox your slice on there     hubpages.com/hub/sportsnewsandupdates   my name is turners14

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    Paul Edmondsonposted 8 years ago

    One other thing you can do to correct a slice is to work on your swing plane.  By drawing the club more inside on your back swing creating an arch that you'll retrace as you swing down through the ball, and then out and back around to your follow through.  If you're right handed, your divet should be a thin strip of grass that is slightly left to right from the beginning to the end.  If you see a right to left club mark in the ground you're still cutting across the ball.

    I've been developing a slice for several years.  Getting some advice on my swing plane has helped it a bunch.  I sometimes go back to my old habit and slice the heck out of it, but at least I have a concept on how to fix it.

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    golfswingsecretposted 8 years ago

    Read this 2 part article on the subject ... It's free


    This article will allow you to first identify your slice, it's causes and then cure the problem.

    Best of luck


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    colearyposted 8 years ago

    The slice is caused by an open club face while contacting the ball.  the easiest way to fix this is check your alignment of your feet and shoulders to make sure you are aiming at your target before the shot.  the next thing is make your grip stronger meaning the v's or creases made by your thumbs should be pointing at your right shoulder.  this will help create a more square impact with your clubface.  always remember to keep your head down after contact of clubface to ball so you give yourself the best shot of hitting the ball cleanly.  this should help