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why cricket is more popular than any other sports.

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    scorpio777posted 8 years ago

    why cricket becomes most popular.most of the people in different countries are saying they only watch cricket than any other game .

    is it good for other sports

  2. Kmadhav profile image56
    Kmadhavposted 8 years ago

    because it is game of uncertainities in the history of cricket many incidents happened recently Netherlands beat the england in opening ceremony match of T20 world cup in its own country. in 1999 world cup semifinal strong contender of world cup south africa tied their match against australia and australia won the world cup. You can't say that this team will win or this team will loose the match. Very interesting game........

  3. BristolBoy profile image68
    BristolBoyposted 8 years ago

    Although isn't the football world cup officially the most watched sporting event in the world (easily beating the Olympics, Twenty20, the Superbowl etc etc)?

    1. Kmadhav profile image56
      Kmadhavposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Olympic association is also considering to include T20 cricket as official game in near olympics. America is also thinking to start tournament like IPL and ICL in its own country.

  4. Misha profile image73
    Mishaposted 8 years ago

    The guy must be from India or around, and never bothered to check what is going on outside his neck of woods smile

  5. waynet profile image72
    waynetposted 8 years ago

    I find cricket utterly boring....zzzzzz, all that fuss for hitting a ball around that could decapitate someone cos it's quite a hard ball them cricket balls, replace it with a tennis ball and now you are talking...I have a couple of tennis balls....

  6. cashmere profile image83
    cashmereposted 8 years ago

    Considering that India has the largest sports viewing population, and Cricket is the biggest craze that would account for its popularity.

    1. BristolBoy profile image68
      BristolBoyposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      But football is by far and away the most watched sport in south and central America, Europe, eastern Asia, south-east Asia and Africa.  It is also a relatively popular sport in the rest of the world egg Middle East, north America, India etc.

  7. Eaglekiwi profile image81
    Eaglekiwiposted 8 years ago

    2011 Rugby World Cup...yayyyyyyy smile

    p.s Does anyone know where online , I can watch rugby ,pleeeeease, I know England are due to play New Zealand soon, should be a brilliant game !!!smile

    Superbowl ,well I gotta give a awesome hip hip horray for the Pittsburgh Steelers!!!...they rock ,if we just could get them signed up for the AB's lol lol

    Cricket um like watching paint dry , the one day series not so bad...and yea India does well

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    apekshaposted 8 years ago

    coz 1 ball and 22 stupid follows it...

  9. boberto profile image49
    bobertoposted 8 years ago

    Im sorry but that is rubbish.

    Cricket has to be one of the most overrated sports of all time.

    It is boring to watch and there are much more exciting sports out there for example soccer!!

    Soccer is the best sport in the World today!!

  10. Eaglekiwi profile image81
    Eaglekiwiposted 8 years ago

    Probably just depends on what your own country promotes most of.

    If you grow up being taught the sport your parents learned or

    communities play/learn the most ,then chances are thats what

    becomes popular.

    Judging by the Olympics from an International Perspective ,

    Maybe its "Athletics" smile

    However some countries do excell in Team Sports

    Ice-Hockey?..Sweden ,Finland ,Canada , Russia, Pittsburg Penguins ( not sure
    Rugby-New Zealand

    I just know everyone will agree with my list lol

  11. Misha profile image73
    Mishaposted 8 years ago

    How dare you to forget Russia on your ice-hockey list! smile

    1. Eaglekiwi profile image81
      Eaglekiwiposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      said I wasnt sure ,lol...there edited...hehe smile

  12. helenathegreat profile image82
    helenathegreatposted 8 years ago

    The Czech Republic obviously has the world's best hockey team.  Okay, maybe not as recently, but that's only because the U.S. has been stealing all of their greatest players and keeping them for ourselves.  big_smile

  13. cindyvine profile image84
    cindyvineposted 8 years ago

    Eaglekiwi, just wrote a hub about rugby today as I am a rugby nut!  Have a cool pic of Daniel carter.  I watch rugby online, watched all the super 14 games.  hey France thrashed the All Blacks last week.  I seriously think the Springboks will thrash the lions tomorrow.  Okay, to watch online, go to www.myp2p.eu and then look at the toolbar at the top, go to live sports, then click other and ALL the rugby games come up.  I watch on media player!

    1. Eaglekiwi profile image81
      Eaglekiwiposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Awesome thanks Cindy!!!...Ha France, no matter should have given the AB's a good boil up with real meat in it..lol
      hey how was ya send off, drinkies and food  .....awww. you gonna be busy no doubt...thanks for the link! smile
      must read ya hub , hey I used to work for Farmers (NZ)and they had this lifelike cardboard of Dan wearing undies ..big promotion ,the daks I mean , anyway I looked up over my custard square one day to see him outside managements door in the flesh , hell I had yellow custard dropping off my chin , not exactly my most bootiful moment lol

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    aroidsposted 8 years ago

    criket beating the olympics?...at what?  there's nothing that can match the olympics.  Barrack Obama, the president of brazil, the crown prince of japan, the PM of spain are all going to copehagen norway to bid for thier respective country's chances of hosting the 2016 summer olympics.

    the olympics cost upward of $ 20 billions US to host. The beijing olympics has been the most watch live event in history.

    http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/ … 256063.ece

    the most watched event in American history are all olympics.

    the olympics is in a league of its own. and soccer is next.

    the head of criket is begging the olympics to include it as an olympic sport.