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how to impress the girls?

  1. mukesh.m profile image56
    mukesh.mposted 8 years ago

    how to impress the girls?

  2. sunny_trustable profile image48
    sunny_trustableposted 8 years ago

    first you should check about the hobies of girl and then you should adopt the hobies of her and talking about that .dont see another girls infront of her and always look at her after short time and smile you will see the positive result dear take care

  3. profile image45
    Kuldeepreiposted 8 years ago

    Girls are very soft & delicate, they love pampering, you have to pamper for her good deeds they require some sort of security and safety from you. Do these things and girl will be yours

  4. Miss Wink* profile image54
    Miss Wink*posted 8 years ago

    Being a girl, I can say that we want you to simply be who you are. If you are funny, be funny, if you are sensitive be sensitive. If you ask us out, expect to pay for the bill. If we ask you out offer to pay.  If you can make us laugh you know you are doing well.  Also, women like men who pay attention to us. So while we are talking to you, listen, don't daydream or think about how our lips look or what you want to do when we are done. Stay focused, this way you can sound intelligent when we ask you what you think or what motivates you. A man with goals and dreams, aspirations is extremely impressive. I suggest watching a movie titled "Hitch" it's pretty accurate and funny as well as to what a girl wants and impressing them. But like I said earlier, just be yourself. The rest will work itsself out.
    Hope this helped!

  5. sukena@gmail.com profile image36
    sukena@gmail.composted 8 years ago

    Dont try to impress her just be urself she will be attracted to you in curosity that why u r not trying

  6. RunnerJane33 profile image49
    RunnerJane33posted 8 years ago

    Being comfortable with yourself and confident. Women are attracted to confident men who make eye contact and smile, they will want to know why you are so happy and sure of yourself.