Camping Tips for Beginners

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    Anamika Sposted 7 years ago

    Camping Tips for Beginners

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    scott40272posted 7 years ago

    Being an expert camper myself, I always recommend the following tips for newbie campers:

    Bring at least two pounds of raw, red meat. Store it in your tent. If a large grizzle bear shows up, sling the meat over your shoulder in the bear's general direction, and run like Usain Bolt. The first person to make it to the car wins.

    Sing Marilyn Manson songs while roasting whiskey-soaked marshmallows.

    Recreate the setting of the first Friday The 13th movie. Appoint one person as Jason Vorhees. Have them chase everyone around with a real chainsaw, while wearing a hockey mask for good effect.

    My family's favorite game to play that I strongly recommend is called "Russian Slip N Slide." What you need is a simple Slip N Slide you can pretty much buy anywhere, and a bottle of Astro Glide. Set the Slip N Slide up next to a rocky hillside, preferrably overlooking a canyon with a lake below. Add the entire bottle of Astro Glide, making sure to completely saturate it all over.

    Make sure all of the contestants have at least a 200-foot running head start. Scoring is as follows:  Perfect landing in water +20,  lands in water upside down or with arms and legs flailing +10, bounces off rocky hillside and then hits water +5, Hits rocks first, lands in water -5, hits rocks, bounces back on rocks -10, bounces off rocky hillside, hits rocks, bounces back on rocks -20.

    The first person to 100 wins. Good luck!