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Do you feel Tebow is over rated?

  1. Goody5 profile image71
    Goody5posted 6 years ago

    Do you feel Tebow is over rated?

  2. cclitgirl profile image97
    cclitgirlposted 6 years ago

    I came across a photo of him on Reddit that quoted him as saying something like "God doesn't care whether I can throw a ball or not - we're the ones who invented football."  Interesting.  Veeeerrry interesting.  smile

  3. Grime Remix profile image60
    Grime Remixposted 6 years ago

    I haven't really watched him play very much.  He most likely has a lot more to learn and will grow into great quarterback.  He's been covered a lot in the press that's for sure. Hopefully the gimmicky stuff around him will fade so his work on the field speaks for itself.

  4. Storytellersrus profile image78
    Storytellersrusposted 6 years ago

    Tebow deserves accolades despite the Team's loss to the Patriots. He is extremely young and this is his first season as quarterback! We in Denver experienced this same situation with young John Elway and our faith in him was rewarded.

    Not that Tebow has to follow that track. I am not a Christian of his  persuasion but I respect him for being 100% himself on rhe field and off! I wrote a hub comparing him to Eric Liddell of Chariots of Fire. I look forward to seeing what he does with his life.

  5. JamesPoppell profile image83
    JamesPoppellposted 6 years ago

    Tebow may be over rated to a point. I absolutely believe Tom Brady has his number.

  6. teaches12345 profile image94
    teaches12345posted 6 years ago

    Tebow is a great football player and will only get better with time.