Do you think Junior Seau's family should allow a medical examination of his brai

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    billd01603posted 5 years ago

    Do you think Junior Seau's family should allow a medical examination of his brain?

    As you know, Junior Seau took his own life last week. Examiniation of his brain may advance the cause of research into sports head trauma- It is known that constant head trauma leads to brain injury, illness and early death. Junior's career spanned nearly 30 years (Pop Warner, High School, college and NFL) during which he likely sustained thousands of head injuries

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    Bozoplayposted 5 years ago

    It is a mute point since they have already agreed to allow the examination. Personally, I am in favour of it. I lost a friend who played professional football to a suicide. He also did not reach his 50th birthday. When we worked together (after his football career) he was a fun loving and happy person. I have no doubt that he sustained numerous head injuries since he was a running back. We need to understand what changes in what seems to be the player's forties to be able to help others who suffer from this problem. Banning heavy contact sports is not the answer since they will continue. The answer is better head gear and rule changes. My friend and I worked together for a sports equipment manufacturer where part of our job was developing better protective gear. Unfortunately, some of it got degraded as players felt it was too heavy or too long or restricted their movement. The players are also very much a part of the solution in that they need to show greater respect for each other. Head shots in sports are most definitely not a good thing.