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For you football fans out there, do you prefer the NFL or college football?

  1. nanderson500 profile image85
    nanderson500posted 5 years ago

    For you football fans out there, do you prefer the NFL or college football?

  2. Writer David profile image80
    Writer Davidposted 5 years ago

    I prefer college football due to the passion of the fans.  Not to say NFL doesn't have passionate fans at all.  I just find the college game more exciting.

  3. profile image0
    JThomp42posted 5 years ago

    For me, Definitely College football. I'm a huge Tennessee fan. The atmosphere in Knoxville before a game, It just can't be explained. Let along around 105,000 cheering fans. The tradition of running through the "T" is just awesome.

  4. BLACKANDGOLDJACK profile image84
    BLACKANDGOLDJACKposted 5 years ago

    I really like college football but I love the NFL.

    Too many blowouts in the college game, while in the NFL your guess is as good as mine. Who doesn't think either Alabama, LSU, USC, or Oklahoma isn't going to win the national championship? Who thought when the NFL regular season the past two years wound down the Giants and Packers would win the Super Bowl?

    And then there is fantasy football.

  5. klw5200 profile image80
    klw5200posted 5 years ago

    Im in the middle. i love the passion of the college game. i love watching the new kids grow up to BECOME NFL players. But I don't like the fact that there are so many bowls. Just have one bowl and call it a day!!! Have a playoff of the best teams in College and then have a Super College Bowl! It could work! Don't tell me it couldn't! Until then you will have the same teams that won their bowl wondering if they REALLY are the best team in College!

    Now as for the NFL, I love it more than college. If there's a college game on, I might watch it. If there's no NFL game on! But if there's an NFL game on, I'm watching it from the beginning to the end!!! One of the only things I don't like is this constant babying of quarterbacks. They're football players too! So what they get hurt! That's why you have backups! If they get hurt and the team doesn't have a good backup, then who's fault is that!?

  6. miyagi714 profile image38
    miyagi714posted 5 years ago

    NFL- The best of the best college players play against each other.

  7. JBrumett profile image60
    JBrumettposted 5 years ago

    College Football is more appealing.  NFL kind of lost it's luster back at the end of the 90's when free agency started, then pretty much died for me when fantasy football started.

  8. Jeff Porter profile image73
    Jeff Porterposted 4 years ago

    College football, by far.
       In fact, I mostly keep up with the pros just to see how my favorite former college players are doing.
       Currently, my favorite pro team is the Bengals, since they have seven former Georgia Bulldogs on their roster.