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What was the greatest NBA Playoff game ever played?

  1. Tim Quam profile image61
    Tim Quamposted 5 years ago

    What was the greatest NBA Playoff game ever played?

  2. Thief12 profile image90
    Thief12posted 5 years ago

    Impossible to narrow it down. I started watching the NBA back in the early 90s, the Jordan era, so I keep going back to those Bulls games against the Knicks, Cavs, or Jazz. Seeing Jordan in full force was just intense.

    But other great ones were seeing the 2004 Pistons, an extremely balanced team full of role-players, beating the Super-Lakers. Also, the Dallas Mavs win over the Heat was impressive. There are too many, but I have to give it more thought.

  3. Bruce A. Beaudet profile image83
    Bruce A. Beaudetposted 5 years ago

    Game 5 1976 NBA finals:  Triple OT in the Boston Garden
    Celtics 128 - Suns 126.

  4. howlermunkey profile image88
    howlermunkeyposted 5 years ago

    The next one I'm going to watch
    (Ever the Optimist)

  5. EJ Lambert profile image74
    EJ Lambertposted 4 years ago

    I'm a Bulls fan but based on my knowledge of basketball history I have to say Game 4 of the 1987 NBA Finals.  Boston Garden.  Magic and Larry meeting one last time to decide who the best of the decade is.  The game is tight the whole way.  Bird hits a huge three pointer with twelve seconds left to give the Celtics a 106-104 lead.  The Lakers get a free throw shortly later and then Magic hits the famous "junior" sky hook to put L.A. up 107-106.  On the last play Bird manages to get wide open for another three point attempt and it just barely misses, hitting off the rim.  I get excited just watching the replays.