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David Beckham...Is David Beckham getting close to retiring from football... ?

  1. safiq ali patel profile image71
    safiq ali patelposted 4 years ago

    David Beckham...Is David Beckham getting close to retiring from football... ?

    David Beckham has been an I on of footballing success over the past 20 year. David is just a little over 3 years away from becoming 40 years old. Do you think David will be retiring from football over coming months or year?

  2. adambarker97 profile image83
    adambarker97posted 4 years ago

    Probably not over the next year, since he has said he feels fit enough to play until he's 50. However, his retirement will be sooner rather than later, as the kind of high-profile clubs he will be wanting to play for, and who actually want him, will become less and less each season as he ages. If he is willing to play at a lower level, such as Edgar Davids now is at Barnet, then he may be able to stretch his career slightly further, probably 2-3 years longer, but one assumes that this will not be the road he takes. It will be more probable that he'll retire just before of after his 40th birthday, and find a way in to coaching/management if football is still in his blood. He may however choose to pursue any number of opportunities, business-wise, that will undoubtedly present themselves to him.

  3. cprice75 profile image90
    cprice75posted 4 years ago

    I didn't know that David Beckham played football. I do think he will retire from soccer, though.smile Sorry, but I could not resist.

  4. Marla Neogra profile image85
    Marla Neograposted 4 years ago

    I agree with adambarker97. Beckham is very fit, but over the next several years he will start to loose the interest of the high-profile clubs that he would wish to play for and rather than play for lower profile clubs he will bow out within about three to four hears.