What is the best age and method to start training kids for various sports as a p

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    DarrenSensenigposted 4 years ago

    What is the best age and method to start training kids for various sports as a physical trainer?

    I am considering pioneering a entrepreneurship to train kids who take their sport seriously at an early age and want to take their skills to the next level early on. Included in my repertoire would be mental/strength/agility/endurance type training based on his/her individual sport. This would be solely at the request of the child and not the parent(s). Burnout would not be an issue here as my own kids are proof of that and how much they have progressed through extra training keeping it light yet serious with them. Any input or ideas on this topic would be appreciated.

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    Lee Teaposted 4 years ago

    As a gymnastics coach of young children, my kids were able to begin sports at age 3 under my coaching.  Now ages 6 and 8, they do soccer, swimming, softball, and gymnastics (throughout the year, not all at once lol).  Some of these are available through club membership, others on trade for my coaching.

    What I've seen is the younger kids (ages 3-5) often lack the emotional maturity to participate in practices and games without needing to go cuddle mommy during their session.  My advice here would be to hold practices without parents, but have them remain near the practice in case the child cannot focus on the class anymore, and dismiss the children to their parents if they're done for the day.  Always let them return for the next class, as preparing for class, leaving the house, and arriving at the training facility are all part of the routine, but be prepared for this.

    Early on, it has to be fun.  That not only means playing games to develop their training, but releasing them to their parents on a positive note when their attention span is no longer up to the task for the day.  Before age 3, I'd recommend "mommy and me" type classes for the tots.

    Be well - Lee @ Lee's Teas