If LeBron James is really such a good player, why does he resort to cheating dur

  1. chinmayXdas profile image84
    chinmayXdasposted 4 years ago

    If LeBron James is really such a good player, why does he resort to cheating during big matches?

    LeBron James has build a class for himself.He is a great player, no doubt about that.But I see him, Wade and Bosh resorting to fakes and fragrant fouls while the referee isn't looking.Does this mean they don't trust themselves to win without such malpractices?


  2. Thief12 profile image91
    Thief12posted 4 years ago

    The question is already biased because it assumes that LeBron does cheat ("if he is such a good player, why does he cheat") instead of asking "do you think LeBron cheats?" or something like that. I'm pretty far from being a LeBron fan, I don't like his attitude at all, but I do think he is easily the best player in the NBA right now.

    As for his practice of "fake fouls" and "flagrant fouls", that's neither something new nor exclusive to LeBron and the Heat. Even Jordan resorted to a bit of that in his prime. That's part of the game.

  3. KrasMackin profile image73
    KrasMackinposted 4 years ago

    It's just the way the game is now that referees call fouls the way they do.  It's not the fault of the player for adjusting their strategy to how the game is being called.  "Don't hate the player.  Hate the game". I am not a Lebron James fan, however I don't think he resorts to cheating.  And as the comment before me states, this behavior is by no means exclusive to Lebron and the Heat.