What happened to the Miami Heat?

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  1. dailytop10 profile image90
    dailytop10posted 4 years ago

    What happened to the Miami Heat?

    The 2-Time NBA Champions recently lost horribly in the 2014 finals against the Spurs. The were literally blown in the last 3 games resulting to a 4-1 Spurs win. What happened? Who should be held responsible for this poor performance? Is it Lebron? His teammates? Or the coaching staff? If you think the three factions have their respective share of lapses, which one deserves to carry the heavier guilt?


  2. profile image52
    mfb711posted 4 years ago

    Like success, failure is a team effort. I didn't watch all of the games, but it looked like Lebron James was the only one playing at a high level most of the time for Miami. Unless their key guys had  injuries that were not revealed, it just looked like the Heat went cold (not too funny) and didn't belong on the same court with the Spurs.

    It was bound to happen; after burning up the NBA for so long, the Heat  seemed not to have anything left. Wade, Bosh, even Lebron at times, looked tired, distracted -- outclassed. They'll be back, but they need some younger legs.

  3. Lante Neal profile image61
    Lante Nealposted 4 years ago

    What happened to the Miami Heat is that they simply got beat. No tricks, no gimmicks. The Spurs won Game 3 in Miami and from that moment they knew that the Heat would not win another game. The Spurs were excellent. Set the bar in the league this year.

    But Miami had several problems. First and most clearly seen, Lebron James had very little help in the 2014 NBA Finals. DWade was averaging 18ppg on 61% shooting from the field in the ECFs. But he was not the only player to go missing. But maybe that's all that can be said about the way Coach Spo handles his rotations. Battier had little to none PT and then ask these guys to shoot lights out fresh off the bench. I think Coach Spo should, willingly, take the lion's share of this horrendous loss. Lebron should own up as well, but he did work and try to carry this team, but no one could hit shots at all.

    My issue with Lebron is that in Game 5 he came out blazing! Getting to the rim and finishing through contact. He's getting to the charity stripe. But then he wants to get everyone else involved. And I know that's his game, but no one else was hitting shots besides Rashad Lewis. Bron should have and needed to attack the rim without regard and constantly attack Khawii Leonard. BIG UPS to the 2014 Finals MVP. He earned it.

    Also, the Spurs were just a matchup nightmare for Miami. The many wings they have that are just straight ballers. Patty Mills come in and is shooting straight  water. His 3's rarely hit the rim. And he was a dog on the defensive end of the ball. Pressing Lebron, Cole, Chalmers........ Chalmers. Where. Was. He?

    Got to give much credit to Timmy D, Coach Pop and the crew. They had a mission. Made it a goal. Attacked. Achieved.

  4. lions44 profile image96
    lions44posted 4 years ago

    One man, even if he is the best player on the planet, can't beat a real team. The Spurs get everyone involved.  The Heat can't.  Wade is broken. And Bosh...is Bosh.  Surprised that Shane Battier did not play a bigger role.  They certainly missed Mike Miller this year.  Who's responsible? Father Time and Gregg Popovich.


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