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Why do we give millions and millions of dollars to sports figures when so many l

  1. Sandi Kroeger profile image81
    Sandi Kroegerposted 23 months ago

    Why do we give millions and millions of dollars to sports figures when so many live in poverty?

    How do we justify salaries and bonuses in the millions when there are children starving? Are we so hungry for "entertainment" that we can't see the social injustice as owners and players are negotiating these multi-million dollar contracts? The same is true with actors garnering millions to make a movie! Who will stop this idiocy??


  2. dashingscorpio profile image88
    dashingscorpioposted 23 months ago


    If you were the star of a team that brought in revenues of $1 Billion how much do you think you should be paid?
    If you wrote a best selling book that sold several millions of copies at what point would you tell your publisher to stop paying you?
    A salesman who gets 10% commission on every sale would earn $100k for doing one million dollars in sales and no one complains.
    However if an actor is the main attraction for a movie that earns $500 million or $1 Billion people lose their minds if he/she is paid $50 million or more. (It's the same 10% as the salesman.)
    Sports figures have a limited window to ply their trade. Most people who play sports are not going to make it to the pro level.
    There are only 32 teams in the NFL, 30 NBA teams, 30 National Hockey Teams, and 30 Major League Baseball teams.
    Whenever there are a limited number of positions for anything those who are fortunate enough to get a coveted spot are rewarded handsomely.
    No single player on any team makes more money than then their owner. If players didn't get the money it's just more money for the owners. We wouldn't benefit financially either way.
    Societal values have nothing to do with market value and performance.
    Your earning $10 Million per year does not take money or opportunities away from anyone else. Life is a (personal) journey.
    For the most part our lives are the end result of the choices and decisions we have made along the way. Some people have natural talents which others will pay to watch them preform: sports, music, theatre, movies, writers, and even some public speakers and life coaches make a lot of money. The people vote with their pocketbooks when it comes to your product or service. 
    On another note it's not unheard for people to win millions of dollars in the lottery and find themselves broke a few years later. Odds are if we gave everyone in the U.S. $1 Million dollars today by the end of this year some folks would be right back where they are now.

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      gmwilliamsposted 23 months agoin reply to this

      GREAT answer!!!

    2. Sandi Kroeger profile image81
      Sandi Kroegerposted 23 months agoin reply to this

      I don't think so. I don't disagree with the percentage someone should make, I disagree that so much money is paid out for those things (sports, movies) in the first place. There is something fundamentally wrong with a society who thinks that's OK