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Who is better.. Curry or Lebron?

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    StockMaster1posted 21 months ago

    Who is better.. Curry or Lebron?

  2. Johnny James A profile image77
    Johnny James Aposted 21 months ago

    Overall I would have to pick Lebron.  Curry is a better shooter; as a scorer they are both good (Curry does it better from outside, Lebron does better driving the land); Assists over their careers are very similar both average 6.9 per game over their career; Rebounding and Defense is where Lebron separates himself from Curry. I know people will say but Lebron is bigger and stronger, but so what?  Rebounding and defense are part of the game. However, my answer could change in a few years.

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      StockMaster1posted 21 months agoin reply to this

      I guess I would agree with you mostly, but I think Curry has legit defense that is even better than Lebron's. I mean Curry has lousy defense in the playoffs but he averaged 2.1 steals during the regular season. Plus Lebron even said Curry was better

  3. lions44 profile image99
    lions44posted 21 months ago

    I'm still going with Lebron. He has the better overall game and is already one of the 10 best of all time. While Curry will go down as the greatest shooter (or one of the greatest) of all time, his defense at times can be sketchy. And he has proven to be a little inconsistent at times in the playoffs. To be fair, that could be injuries.  If I was starting a team today, I'm still going w/Lebron.  I can't see Curry playing well into his thirties because I'm already questioning his durability.

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    kordell70posted 21 months ago

    Lebron.  He is more versatile both offensively and defensively. Lebron has guarded guys from the PG position all the way to center, at times when Chris Bosh was injured during one of their runs.  Curry is definitely the better shooter, and dribbler.  However, James is better all around.