Winter running tips to be safer and warmer out there

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    Shogunposted 7 weeks ago

    Mother Nature doesn't care what your training plan has scheduled. For much of the United States, it's cold – and the wardrobe needs to be decidedly altered for the cold temperature, rain, snow, and whatever else you might have to deal with at the moment.

    The winter running tips Injinji recommended in a recent blog:

    Warm up & cool down
    Phone a friend
    Know the conditions (and when to stay home)
    Get the right gear
    Find the snow, avoid the ice
    Pick somewhere fun to run

    Similar recommendations from Active Running:

    Set a specific goal
    Run with a buddy or group
    Dress for 15 to 20 degrees warmer
    Run during light and warmer times of day
    Be seen
    Hit the treadmill
    The list goes on, but you'll have to hop over to their site if you want the rest... trying to keep the forum posts somewhat short here. wink

    If you're out running this winter, then I hope you have great training activities – and stay warm!

    (Image courtesy of Pixabay / jill111