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    otto-sixposted 9 years ago

    Lakers with Kobe will be the next dyansty like the old Celtics

  2. elisabeth reid profile image63
    elisabeth reidposted 9 years ago

    I don't think so.  Kobe is good, but he's Kobe and he's the team.  As goes Kobe, so go the Lakers.  That doesn't make a team. 

    I know...that's oversimplified, but...

    I *will* say that, regardless of the outcome, this particular Finals is the best thing that possibly could've happened to the NBA.  It might not be fair to compare these two teams to the teams of other years -- it isn't fair -- but it's going to draw viewers.  It's going to drive the ratings to a place where they haven't been since...the 70s, maybe?  And, in the process, it's going to gain new fans.  I've seen soooooo much more interest.  I get calls every night -- usually several -- when's the game?  What's the score (people who aren't at home for some reason)?  What channel is it on?  When's the next game?

  3. Junkster profile image52
    Junksterposted 9 years ago

    I agree, I wouldn't have the finals be any other way (not biased due to my Celtics winning the series as far as I've seen, Game 2)

    It's a good matchup, One stand out player against three stand out players.  I don't doubt the ability of players like Fisher and Odom but I think the first two games have shown that wiht a deep, capable bench we mayjust take htis series, I would acually like this one to go to seven games too, all the great series' do!

    But Really impressed with Doc Rivers decision to use more of the bench players like Leon Powe (game!), Posey and PJ Brown.   Amazingly they're really taking it to the lakers!

    Can't wait to download the game from tuesday tonight!