Give it some time before the thunder start "rolling"

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    badguy254posted 7 years ago

    The Oklahoma City Thunder fans are no doubt some of the greatest fans in the league. Recently, there were some concerns about the way they were playing; case in point the drumming they took from Utah not too long ago. Fear not thunder heads, the Thunder will be just fine. KD is going to have to analyze the "Kevin Durant Defenses" and learn new ways to get his numbers. With such an athletic frame, long wing span, and with the nightly assist coming form their floor general Russell Westbrooke, the Thunder will learn the systems thrown at them and will more likely than not make a repeat appearance in the playoffs this season.

  2. LakeShow T profile image82
    LakeShow Tposted 7 years ago

    The Thunder will definitely be a playoff team. I'm not sure anyone is disputing that. Kevin Durant has gotten off to relatively slow starts in each of his seasons but has exploded as the season progressed. Russell Westbrook is playing at the highest level he has yet in his young NBA career. He continues to move up the ranks of the NBA's best point guards. The problem for the Thunder is the lack of an inside presence and overall depth. I'm not sure those issues are going to improve themselves in the next few seasons and Durant and Westbrook can only do so much. They will be in the discussion over the next few seasons though.