- USA (NBC) ......Why didnt you screen the Rugby WORLD Cup ? Dammit !

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    Eaglekiwiposted 6 years ago

    IRB-International Rugby Board

      NBC-USA TV Channel

    Ok, NBC you screened a few of the games and the coverage was excellant, then you moved the BIG games to pay per view ? Greedy cats.

    I accept although Rugby is growing in the USA,it is not your National Sport ,but then neither is bass fishing or gymnastics.

    I mean, do we pay to see the Olympics or the Superbowl?

    It is a Rugby World Cup compromising 18 countries (incl USA Eagles) with 44 games spanning 4 weeks. The final is sometime this week and my home country is poised to win smile

    So, NBC, no bouquets for you !!