Do you think Brock Lesnar would have won if he was healthy?

  1. Max Dalton profile image90
    Max Daltonposted 6 years ago

    I don't. I think a very small portion of that loss could have been attributed to his fight with diverticulitis, but I just don't think he takes shots to the body very well and he got seriously exposed. That being said, there aren't a lot of guys in the UFC heavyweight division that are going to go after the body that fast the way early like Reem did, and those that do aren't big enough to stave off Lesnar. I'm interested to see Reem vs Dos Santos because I'm curious how many UFC heavyweights could take knees to their stomach for 25 minutes.

  2. jcmayer777 profile image71
    jcmayer777posted 6 years ago

    I don't know.  Lesnar started out on fire.  The beating he put on Mir in their second fight was beyond impressive.  After that fight, I thought he was clearly the baddest man on the face of the earth.  The fight against Carwin was beautiful because he showed real heart and came back to win.

    Now, with two bad losses in a row, I'm not so sure.  WHile he's at the top of the food chain on the ground as a former NCAA national champ, his standup doesn't look like it's anywhere near the same level.

    I thought Lesnar would get the takedown in this fight and win.  I was wrong.

    We'll never know what would have been if not for the diverticulitis.

  3. superior45 profile image52
    superior45posted 6 years ago

    I have/had diverticulitis and it is very painfull.  But it is on the otherside of the body that is affected.  I can still feel the effects sometimes in my intestine but I did not have to have surgery. It was recommended though. 
    With that being said, Brock needs to be a mauler and grappler in close and on the ground.  He is very exposed to punching and kicks when standing.

    He could be great at what he wants if he puts his mind in it, in my opinion.  I dont think right now he is focused on what he can do and wants.  I mean, how can you fight and right after announce retirement if you are not focused.  It has to be in your mind what the outcome can be and can affect the way he fought.  Whether he is hurting or not.

    He could overcome the diverticulitis problem but it did not affect his performance.  He was just not committed to what he wants to do at this point in his career. I think.....

    Maybe he will go back to wrestling...hahaha