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Replacement Refs Signs and Stickers

Updated on November 15, 2014

Three Weeks of Replacement Referees

Sept. 2012, the NFL referee lockout has changed the outcome of football games since the start of this season. While in negotiations for a better salary and benefits, replacement referees were out on the field making bad calls. Players and coaches have million dollar deals, so why was it so hard to pass a little in the direction of the referee?

It is a sad day in history when one very bad call can change what should have been a win for one team end up going to the other. Below are some signs and stickers that reflect how the fans, players and coaches have felt during this ordeal.

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The Worst Call Ever!: The Most Infamous Calls Ever Blown by Referees, Umpires, and Other Blind Officials

This book won't include the replacement refs of 2012, though still a great book to read.

Have we learned our lesson with hiring unqualified referees for sports?

From the Mind of Sandy of Funnyjokes Shop

Please be considerate, these are are all copyrighted and have a digital thumb print on file.

Replacement Refs Yard Signs - Shown at the 24"x36" Size


Speedy Signs Yard Signs Brand on Zazzle

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These custom yard signs that are printed in the USA are made of the highest quality standards. The signs are made of corrugated lightweight and weather resistant plastic. Advertise indoors or outside.

For any event from business to personal and comes in three different sizes 12" x 18", 18" x 14" and 24" x 36". The "Add Text" signs are customizable to replace the words "Add Text" to your own quote.

Add an “H Frame” stand for a little extra.

More Replacement Ref Signs are made by Funnyjokes Shop on Zazzle than shown on this page here.

Humorous Replacement Refs Garden Flags

Ref'd Up Signs on Gifts in 3DRose

Find Sandy Mertens on when scrolling down 3/4s of each individual product index page. The Ref'd Up design is on all the items under Sandy Mertens Funny Quotes

Below shown are two of the garden flags to show your sign. Then you can become a walking sign for those anti-replacement referees images on sweatshirts.

Click on these links below to view these funny gifts.

Sandy Mertens Humor Designs – Flag

Sandy Mertens Humor Designs - Sweatshirt

Worst Bad Call in NFL History

About the Zazzle Paper Stickers

Square Stickers

Shown are the square "Ref'd Up Gift" stickers. Fun for any occasion and promotions and are available in two sizes with multiple sheets. They are high quality, scratch resistant and easy to peal and stick. Come in Glossy or Matte options.

Customize these to find the different size options and styles. The other sticker styles are round, rectangle, triangle, star, oval, and heart shaped.

Bumper Sticker

Strong quality bumper sticker that comes in a large 11" x 3" size will look good sticking to your car's bumper. The stickers are made of durable vinyl material with a strong adhesive back and water resistant ink.

The photo below shows some of these stickers available. Visit the Funnyjokes Shop on Zazzle site to see more. The top row of the stickers that are shown you can place anywhere. The bottom row shows Ref'd Up bumper stickers which you can place anywhere as well.

The "Add Text" products are customizable to replace the words "Add Text" to your own quote.

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Ref'd Up Stickers and Bumper Stickers - Show Your Support


NFL Replacement Referee News - Final Straw with the Packers / Seahawks Game 9/24/2012

Never Forget the Fail Mary

For all the Green Bay Packers fans 9-24-2012 was a day to remember for poor refereeing. It lost the game for the Packers against the controversy play with the Seattle Seahawks, often referred to as the Fail Mary.

Fail Mary Never Forget Green Bay Packers T-shirt - View Here

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© 2012 Sandy Mertens

Are You Glad That the Real Refs Are Back? - This could happen again

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