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The Burberry Trench Coat- British Military Raincoats for Men and Women

Updated on June 4, 2012

Burberry Trench Coat

The Burberry trench coat began it's origins as a military coat , and this genderless trench coat has forever been one of the most easily recognisable garments in the world today.

Royal bride-to-be Kate Middleton recently wore her lightweight Burberry trench coat to an official Royal outing and now it seems the Burberry trench coat's timeless design will become ever more popular, just as Kate Middleton will be.

Burberry Beginings

Thomas Burberry was still a young apprentice when he opened his first outfitters shop in Basingstoke, Hampshire in the mid 1850's. Thomas was already specialising in a range of outdoor clothing, and became so rapidly successful that his shop became known simply as The Emporium.

In 1981 Burberry relocated his outfitters business to the West End of London, and it was about this time he invented a new fabric, Gaberdine. This supple and clean looking fabric was a hard -wearing material that was also breathable, resistant to tears and waterproof.

Burberry Kit

Back in the early 1900's it was Burberry who supplied Roald Amundsen the Norwegian explorer who became the first man to reach the South Pole. And later in 1914 he equipped Ernest Shackelton's Endurance Expedition team with outdoor clothing for their trip across Antartica.

The war Office called upon Thoma Burberry that very same year to design suitable clothing for British Officers in combat. the new trench coat was made from his innovative Gaberdine,and the pioneering design featured a leather belt buckle and epaulettes.

The new trench coat was a fine design for the British army, and after the war many civilians were widely seen wearing the trench coat.

Burberry Today

In the early 1920's the distinctive red and black tartan lining was added to the coat, and is a design that is now commonly seen on many Burberry items such as luggage ,umbrellas and their scarves.

Today the Burberry trench coat is still manufactured in England, and with seasonal designs and a much varied colour range. There are many styles ,short and long. making the design popular with men and women,

The latest Burberry collection is the Winter Storm.Suitable for the whole family this package has ready to wear denim, outerwear, coats and knitwear.

It looks as if the Burberry range is not just fit for a princess but fit for everyone.


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