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Buy the Best Rolex Watch- A Timely classic

Updated on February 6, 2011
Timeless Rolex
Timeless Rolex

Rolex Watches

The Rolex watch has become a legendary timepiece. They have plunged the depths beneath the sea and they have been to the top of Everest. The Rolex has braved the cold Arctic winds and even crossed the Sahara,toiled through shipwrecks and plane crashes, but this great everlasting watch always emerges intact and the Rolex brand goes from strength to strength.


The Rolex brand is now associated with the Swiss, but the original company was formed in London in 1905 by Bavarian Hans Wilsdorf who wanted to replace the larger fashionable pocket watches of the day with accurate time pieces that could be worn on the wrist.

Many believed that such precision timepieces could be made into a compact size.Wilsdorf believed in himself and in 1908 he registered the name Rolex  because it was easy to pronounce in any European language and short enough to appear on the dials of his watches.

The Oyster

The first ever waterproof watch the Oyster, was introduced in 1926. It also claimed to be dustproof and was so named after its case which shut tightly just like an oyster shell to protect its movement.

The following year a young swimmer from England carried a Rolex watch when she swam across The English channel,and the watch of course made it through without any damage.

In 1931 the Oyster perpetual, the first self winding mechanism appeared and was taken on the 1953 Everest expedition.The Datejust introduced in 1945 was the first watch to show the date on the dial.

Sparkling Rolex

Many of the Rolex models today are specifically designed to assist professionals from submariners to pilots who require much needed accuracy and reliability at all times.It doesn't matter what you profession is, or your need for a Rolex, it always looks the part, whatever you are doing or wearing.

Today the the Rolex can add many expensive elements to their models and gold is one of the most popular. Many people like to add the extra sparkle, and the diamond encrusted is regarded as the ultimate status symbol to wear on your wrist!


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