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The Beauty of Cross Necklaces

Updated on June 13, 2013

There is something very personal about cross necklaces. They are a symbol of your personal faith and your dedication to that faith. They tell the world that you are a believer, that you belong to those who have taken religion into your mind and your heart. But just as importantly, they tell you, the one who wears a cross necklace, the very same thing. Cross necklaces are a daily, hourly, minute by minute reminder of your faith, and your commitment to that faith. Cross necklaces hang by a silver or gold chain around your neck, and close to your heart. This is a natural place for something as important as a cross.

And given how important cross necklaces are to those who wear them, just how personal they are, when you look for a cross necklace, you want to get just the right kind, the right style and look. And this is true whether you are buying cross necklaces for yourself or for someone else. Thankfully, there are many types and styles to choose from. And there are almost as many places to purchase them. You can find cross necklaces that express your own personal dedication to your faith.

Cross necklaces come in many variety, but always show the same faith.
Cross necklaces come in many variety, but always show the same faith.

Varieties of Cross Necklaces

For some people, the type of cross necklaces that best express their own feelings toward religion will be those necklaces that are simple, plain, and very elegant. These cross necklaces deliver a message of simplicity and deep understanding, of a sure knowledge of the meaning of faith and of god. For others, cross necklaces are something they can use to celebrate their faith, show to the world the great richness that religion brings into their lives. For these people, cross necklaces of a bit more ornate design are appropriate. Perhaps these people would be looking for cross necklaces enhanced with the addition of diamonds or other precious stones.

Precious Metal Cross Necklaces

The material that cross necklaces are made of is very important. Because faith is such a precious thing, very many cross necklaces are made from precious metals. The most common metal for cross necklaces may perhaps be silver, although gold, both white and yellow, is extremely popular as well, as is platinum. All of these metals signify the great wealth that god brings into your life, while at the same time, of course, looking beautiful around your neck. Cross necklaces made from silver, gold, or platinum are the height of loveliness.

Wooden Cross Necklaces

A less common, but just as beautiful material for cross necklaces is wood. Wooden cross necklaces are special to many people because wood is the same material as the original cross, the one that we are celebrating by wearing our cross necklaces. This material can bring a feeling of closeness with your faith in a way that other cross necklaces may not. When made from a beautiful dark wood, whether varnished or left plain, wooden cross necklaces can also be quite beautiful.

Precious Stone Cross Necklaces

Of course, as mentioned above, cross necklaces can also be adorned in various ways. Such things as gold and silver leaf can be added to the basic cross necklace to bring greater beauty and greater joy to the person who wears it. The addition of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, amethyst, or other precious stones is also common in cross necklaces as a way to enhance the simple beauty of this precious symbol. Adorning a cross necklace with these lovely gems is a perfect way for many people to celebrate their faith and their commitment to it.

Crucifix Cross Necklaces

For some people, the addition of their savior on their cross necklace is an important one. In this way, cross necklaces are an intimate reminder of what their savior did for them by dying on the cross. This powerful and important reminder is kept close to the heart by the daily wearing of the crucifix necklace, keeping the faithful close to their deep and precious beliefs.

In all cases and in all styles, cross necklaces are one of the most, if not the very most, important pieces of jewelry many people will own. They will keep it next to them all of their lives.


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