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Beautiful Gold Pendants

Updated on June 5, 2013

If there is one thing about gold, it is that it never goes out of style. In fact, this is why it is used as currency or the basis of currency the whole world over. Gold keeps its value over time. It stays a precious commodity. In terms of fashion, gold remains precious as well. In no matter what year it is or in what place, gold is beautiful. You can wear gold jewelry, whether rings, bracelets, earrings, or pendants, and know that you are at the height of fashion. Gold goes with everything and looks great on every person.

And when it comes to gold, one of the most classic and enduring fashions is gold pendants. For thousands of years, men and women have worn gold pendants to show to the world their style, their wealth, and their beauty. Gold pendants come in a thousand different shapes and kinds, but the one important thing that unites them all is their value and their attractiveness. You can’t go wrong with gold pendants.

Gold pendants are often thought of as heart necklaces, but they can come in different shapes.
Gold pendants are often thought of as heart necklaces, but they can come in different shapes.

Kinds of Gold Pendants

It is the rare man or woman who does not own at least one gold pendant. Almost everyone has one of these accessories in their jewelry box. But given the beauty and enduring fashion of gold pendants, you can always add another! There are so many styles and shapes of gold pendants available.

One of the best known types of gold pendants is the classic gold coin pendant. These pendants you will see everywhere you go and everywhere you shop. From JCPenny to Saks Fifth Avenue, someone is selling gold pendants in this style. Check out QVC for their Five Strand Cord with 220 Lire Pendant. These gold pendants from Italy are made from 14 karat gold and feature an 18 inch cord made from five separate strands. These are gold pendants for those who love a bargain but like quality as well. You can even purchase a gold coin ring from QVC as well, to enhance and echo the beauty of their gold pendants.

Another extremely popular and beautiful variety of gold pendants is the gold heart pendant. These necklaces are very much admired by lovers and loved ones of all kinds. They make great Valentine’s Day gifts as well as gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or any special occasion. The department store Kohl’s offers truly lovely gold heart pendants fashioned from 10 karat gold. The design is simple, classic, and will appeal to almost anyone as a ongoing treasure of their jewelry box. These gold pendants will give a lifetime of use and beauty.

Gold cross pendants are yet another variety of gold pendants that people all over the world are very fond of wearing. These gold pendants show to the world that you are a man or woman of faith, as well as style. These types of gold pendants can be simple and elegant or they can be a bit more ornamental if that is more your thing. As an example of this latter type, take a look at the Landstrom’s Black Hills Gold Cross Pendants sold by the online retailer Cabela’s. These gold pendants are 10 karat gold and are fashioned into intricate designs of leaves and gold beads. This is a gift to always be treasured.

Shopping for Gold Pendants

In addition to the places mentioned above, there are some other spots that are great places to look for gold pendants, whether for yourself, for a friend, or for a special someone. There are places that specialize in religious gold pendants, charm pendants, and those that carry a wide range of styles.

For one those places you can be sure to find many different kinds of gold pendants, go by the website for Apples of Gold. Here you will find gold pendants in every shape and size, from the most simple and classic in design to the most ornate. Check out their white gold pendants, the heart pendants, and even a number of gold pendants set with exquisite diamonds. This retailer, which earned an A+ from the Better Business Bureau, offers a full 45 day return policy.

If on the other hand you want gold pendants with a bit of cool hip hop style, then go on by the website at Here you will find the latest trends in New York style jewelry, including gold pendants. Want to show just how East Coast you are? How about the 10 karat gold pendants offered by TraxNYC in the shape of the Interstate 95 highway signs? These gold pendants, decked out with canary and blue diamonds, will catch the eye, you can bet, singling you out as a person of contemporary attitude and style.

So, as you can see, when it comes to gold pendants, the field is truly wide open. No matter who you are and what you like, there are gold pendants made just for you. Add some class and fashion to your wardrobe with gold pendants.


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      wicklesscandles 7 years ago

      Those are all so beautiful. I am such a softy for jewelry. I have an open heart necklace that is my favorite, but I really like the gold necklace you have showing. Very beautiful!