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Can You Really Reduce Your Body's Hair With These Things?

Updated on March 5, 2015

Reducing Body Hair

I stumbled into many sites and articles which claimed that there's a possibility to get the hair of the body reduced by using some methods and consuming natural herbals such as Spearmint.

Also, a lot of women claim that the use of waxing get their hair reduced by 50% but that's when they use it for quite a long time.

Could this be really true?

I really think that it depends on every body because everyone has got different hair follicles and strength.

I have personally tried two of the methods which I thought might work for me ( Consumption of Spearmint and Waxing ), but did these two work?


The first method is by drinking a tea called " spearmint tea" which can be found in most markets or perhaps pharmacies.

They said you have to drink at least two cups of it daily to get the intended and wanted results and I did follow the instructions, but I realized that this whole thing was crap or perhaps it just needs more time ( two years for example).

I'm not sure about spending my money, time and hopes upon things that are uncertain and I did take into consideration that hormones play a big role into reducing or increasing the hair of the body, but their change cannot simply just depend upon drinking this type of tea.

We all know that the human body undergoes many changes in general and many other factors can affect these changes so, I couldn't really just put my hopes and beliefs upon drinking that tea.


A lot of girls and women claim that the hair of their bodies get significantly decreased with the use of waxing as a method to remove hair with because the heat that waxing does can kill or destroy some hair follicles.

However, this method would most probably destroy the hair follicle temporarily and not permanently as some Dr's stated, making the reduce of the hair temporal and not permanent.

So, if you're not one of those women who prefer to use waxing then just stick to whatever methods you're using and don't get so much excited about waxing because their use cannot permanently reduce your hair.

What Is The Best Way To Reduce/Remove The Hair Of The Body?

The most certified way is to do it by laser treatments, however, this can cost a lot of money and consume your time but the results are guaranteed!

I think that for every laser treatment (session), the payment is about $50 to $100 and after that one session, you might notice a 10-15% decrease of your body's hair.


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