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Coach Men's Shoes Online

Updated on March 14, 2011

Buy Coach Mens Shoes

I was quite surprised to find that the Coach brand not only made other accessories besides women's accessories, but they also make men's accessories, clothes, and shoes.

The Coach shoes are made of a durable leather in most cases. They are made for comfort, style, and quality. These shoes are becoming more and more popular, even though many men won't want to admit that their favorite brand of shoe is Coach.

There are many different Coach shoes for men to include Coach mens boots, Coach mens loafers, Coach mens boat shoes, Coach mens oxfords, and Coach mens tennis shoes.

You'll find that even some of the pickier men will like the Coach Anthony boots and Coach Derek boots.

But, when buying online or at Coach stores, the prices can be a little much with the average Coach shoe being about $178 to $250, depending on the style of shoe.

  • Coach Boots for men- $278 to $298
  • Coach Oxfords for men- $198 to $278
  • Coach Boat Shoes for men- $198
  • Coach Sneakers for men- $158 to $178

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Since the prices are a little high, you may be leery to buy, especially if your man is tough on shoes like mine, but here's the biggest tip that I use....

Online shopping...

You will find the best deals on shoes, and you won't have a problem finding discount Coach shoes for men. I've found that eBay is generally going to be my first place to check for Coach mens shoes and deals on Coach shoes.

You'll find that eBay had both new and lightly used shoes for both outdated Coach lines and new Coach lines. No matter what you're looking for, whether it be the signature Coach sneaker for men or the new Oxford Coach mens shoe, eBay will have it.

When shopping for shoes online, you'll want to make sure that the seller has a return policy so that if the shoes do not fit or aren't exactly what you thought they were, you can return them. You, also, want to check for the seller's reputation, especially if you're buying mens Coach shoes one eBay.

You can find discount Men's Coach shoes online for a good price, so don't be scared to shop around. And, the time spent shopping around will be worth it because Coach shoes are built for quality and comfort, and any man would be happy to own a pair of these, even if they don't admit it to their buddies.


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