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Designer Coach Accessories for Men

Updated on August 18, 2015

Men's Coach Accessories

The Coach brand is popular for its bags, purses, and accessories for women, but they also have a Coach line for men, which is becoming more popular as the brand expands their men's products.

The Coach brand is a great brand that many men won't admit that they like or want something from, as it's just known as a woman's brand of purses. There aren't many men who will admit to wanting a Coach wallet or gloves, which is where they just make great gifts for you to step up and buy.

Coach products have a lifetime warranty. If the product is defective within 6-12 months, you can have it replaced, after that Coach will offer a store credit.

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Coach WalletCoach Money ClipCoach Messenger BagCoach GlovesCoach Cuff Link
Coach Wallet
Coach Wallet
Coach Money Clip
Coach Money Clip
Coach Messenger Bag
Coach Messenger Bag
Coach Gloves
Coach Gloves
Coach Cuff Link
Coach Cuff Link

Retail prices for men's Coach accessories as found at Coach online and Coach stores include:

  • Business bags and travel totes- $198 to $698
  • Belts- $88 to $168
  • Business card case- $58 to $108
  • Gloves- $38 to $178
  • Hats- $78 to $128
  • Key rings- $28 to $68
  • Portfolio- $198 to $298
  • Scarves- $98 to $168
  • Wallets- $48 to $198
  • Watches- $298 to $498

The Coach outlet stores are generally a little cheaper, but what's even better are the discount Coach prices online. On eBay, you'll find the best discount Coach products and prices available. You can find anything and everything from new to lightly used products.

Depending on what you're looking for, don't discount shopping online for Coach products, as you just may miss out on some of the best deals for Coach. Whether you're looking for Coach gloves, watches, leather portfolios, or Coach lanyards, you will be able to find them on ebay.

When shopping on eBay for Coach men's accessories, make sure that you check a few things. You want to make sure that you are buying authentic Coach, so make sure that the seller is reputable, ask questions if needed, be leery of blurry or stock photos, and be careful of sellers selling multiples of the same product. Also, if the deal is way too good to turn down, you may want to turn it down, as you may be looking at a fake Coach.


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