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How to Choose the Color of Your Silk Scarf or Shawl

Updated on August 24, 2015

For versatility and elegance, you cannot match hand-dyed scarves and hand-painted shawls. They add a touch of class and élan to both eveningwear and daytime clothing.

These stunning creations stem from the tender care and concentration of endowed artists. Relying on all the colors and shades of the rainbow, they slowly and meticulously paint and shape their designs. With such a range from which to choose, how do you select what scarf or shawl is not only suitable, but is also optimal?

Look In Your Closet And Chest Drawers

The first step is to look in your closet. See what colors and color schemes predominate. If you mainly wear black or white clothing, the answer is simple. With the exception of black, brown or navy blue you can choose any color to vividly contrast with or match your clothing. Why not try adding red or orange to black outfits. This creates a strong and even dramatic statement while pale pastels are more subtle, creating a softer, appearance against a white backdrop.  This is particularly apt for summer apparel.

If your clothing is a riot of color, do not despair. Unlike manufactured or even designer scarves, hand-painted scarves and hand-dyed shawls are available in any shade and color available. You are sure to find the exact matching or contrasting hue, no matter how unusual or rare, among the varied selections.

Do Not Ignore Your Accessories

If you are satisfied with your outfit, but still wish to add that something extra, consider your accessories. Look at such items as shoes, purses, hats, belts and totes. If you take the time to match the major or minor color(s) to a silk shawl or scarf, you will obtain a new look. It is one that will be classy, coordinated and oh so together.

Your Jewelry Counts

Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry, something you always tend to wear? Take the predominant color of this piece and match or contrast it to the accent color of a silk shawl or scarf. A flowing scarf may partially hide a necklace, letting it glint when it catches the light. A short chained necklace, earrings, and bracelets will reflect the scarf inducing a harmonized and flattering look.

Your Hair Color Is Also Part Of The Mix

Whether overtly or subconsciously, the clothing you have chosen tends to look good with the color of your hair. Apply the same logic to your choice of scarf or silk shawl. If you are blond, opt for the colors baby blue, pale pink, and turquoise. If you are a redhead, the more apt colors are mauve and purple. If your hair is dark, such as raven black or dark brunette, your best choices are bold and strong shades.

Choosing a scarf to match your wardrobe, accessories, jewelry or hair color will not be a problem. Handmade-scarves and hand-painted shawls are available in so many styles, colors and designs, it is much more difficult to restrain your choices to only a few.

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      amna islam ch 6 years ago

      it is agood combination of scarf butt try more better coz skooool students hve sme prblmz with these colors other wise it was awsum

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Gosh, they are so beautiful and thank you for your very good tips.