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Crocs For Kids Who Have Snobs For Moms! Buy Crocs Online For Little Kids!

Updated on April 1, 2008

Moms Who Have Their Crocs On... Buy Crocs For Their Kids Too!

Crocs Shoes And Sandals Are For Anytime And Anywhere that you want to be comfortable...
Crocs Shoes And Sandals Are For Anytime And Anywhere that you want to be comfortable...

Crocs For Kids - In Many Colors And Styles Available Online!

Am I implying that kids who have moms that buy Crocs for them - are snobs? Well, yeah... kind of I guess.

But that is only half of the truth. What is a snob anyway? When it comes to buying kids shoes, moms who buy Crocs for their kids, are basically snobs about it. They have come to know that Crocs are great for their kids. Moms who can do good things for their children, do! Putting your kids in Crocs is a good thing. Good humble mothers everywhere are seen as snobs, because they insist on Crocs for kids they buy shoes and sandals for; and they do not want knock off Crocs either!

As popular as Crocs for children have become... you cannot find Crocs at every store. You can find them on kiosks in the mall. You can find them at Nordstroms. And you can buy your Crocs online through various online storefronts, but not many! Guess what I figured out? The reason that moms who buy Crocs for their children are snobs - is because Crocs themselves are snobs!

Buy Crocs For Kids Online... Great Colors And Styles For Both Boys And Girls!

Buying Crocs online is about the smartest way that you can buy Crocs shoes or sandals. You get plenty of colors and styles to choose from for both little boys and little girls. If your kids love Crocs as much as you do... then you might want to think about buying them more than one pair... after all - most online stores will ship Crocs for FREE!

Crocs For Kids - Buy Online In Many Styles And Colors...

Crocs Kids Are Absolutely Adorable... And Very Cool!

Crocs are for serious playing in the water and getting wet!
Crocs are for serious playing in the water and getting wet!
Crocs for hanging out and observing life...
Crocs for hanging out and observing life...
Crocs are for little guys who just want to get moving and fast!
Crocs are for little guys who just want to get moving and fast!
Crocs in totally cool colors - for cool kids:-)
Crocs in totally cool colors - for cool kids:-)

The Crocs Company Are The Real Snobs About The Shoes And Sandals They Make!

The Crocs company only allows a very limited group of retailers to sell you their shoes and sandals. If you want to find Crocs for kids and have a good selection of the many styles, colors and season changes that that Crocs offer to sell, then you as a mom - who want to buy Crocs for your kids - are basically forced to either buy online or shop in the mall - and take whatever is available when you get there.

Crocs for kids come in a great selection of styles and colors for every season. Crocs for either boys or girls are fun and fashionable, but most of all and this is important to those moms who are Crocs Snobs - is that they are durable! And every kid love Crocs!

When I first bought my grandson a pair of Crocs... I placed them before him - and for a full day he just turned his nose up at them. I also bought his two sisters a pair of Crocs each - one purple pair and one hot pink pair.

Finally, he gave in and decided that he would put them on. Ethan loves his Crocs - and now his Crocs are pretty much all he likes to wear - when he has the choice of which shoes or sandals he is putting on today.

Why Kids And Moms Love Crocs Shoes And Sandals...

Mom's love Crocs for so many reasons. They are attractive, practical, durable, affordable, unisex, and they float! Oh, and your kids won't slip and fall when they wear them around water. You can easily clean off the mud or sand that your kids encounter on their daily Crocs adventures too. A hose or faucet will do just fine.

It gets better... Crocs don't stink! I mean, your kids feet won't stink when taking them off, nor will Crocs themselves stink. Crocs are made from a very special microbial material - that do not sweat and get stinky like many other sandals and shoes. Now that is great!

Crocs help moms a lot. Kids can put their own sandals or shoes on with no problems - all by themselves. It is so easy for kids to find their colorful Crocs and just put them on. Moms love Crocs because getting out the door is so much easier.

Buying Crocs online, even though only a few places online sell them... is the easy way to shop for Crocs. Crocs are lite and so shipping is cheap or even free! Smart moms, love free!

Buy Crocs Online For Boys And Girls! Crocs Are Unisex

Crocs Are For Kids Who Have Smart Moms!

Buying Crocs Online For Your Kids - Is What "Smart" Moms Do...

When you buy Crocs online, you can be assured that you are getting exactly what you want, without the hassle of hoping that the local store might have the many fun styles and colors that your kids will want!

I also believe that when we consider as moms; our time, energy and brainpower; add these together - and buying Crocs online... well this is really what 'smart' moms - not which snobs do best!

Save the picking out of Jibbitz for the kids, on the next trip to the mall; and when you see the Crocs Kiosk coming - say "lets pick out Jibbitz for your new Crocs kids"!

Your kids love Crocs and they really love making them personal with Jibbitz! Mom - being a Crocs snob is a good thing! Because Crocs are good for everyone in the family, even you - Mom!



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    • Write On! profile image

      Write On! 8 years ago from United States

      Yeah... Crocks ROCK!

      Write ON!

    • Ashley Joy profile image

      Ashley Joy 8 years ago

      Crocs are one of the most comfortable shoes ever. My kids want to wear them all year long. I have tried to buy the off brand variety at the cheap shoe places but they developed holes so quickly it made them not worth it.

    • how2start profile image

      how2start 9 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Hello! Great Hub!

      Buying Crocs online is a great thing these days.  They have absolutely gone wild with their line of products, and you can choose from so many different types of Crocs these days.  I have purchased the beach sandal version of Crocs, and I absolutely love it.  They are so comfortable to walk in.  I walked through most of Waikiki in them without any problems whatsoever.

      The great thing about Crocs is that they are for all ages.  Kids to seniors can wear it which is great.  I've seen a lady about 40 years my senior wearing the same sandal Crocs that I had on.

      Also as a side note, I am wondering what smart Moms think about investing in Crocs.  Their stock seem to be at a very low point compared to where it was a few months ago.  Do you think investing in Crocs is a good idea?

      Thanks for the great Hub!

    • Write On! profile image

      Write On! 9 years ago from United States

      Zsuzsy Bee -

      Well then, it is a good thing that most of us are not on our feet for 10-12 hours at a time, while we are wearing our favorite casual shoes for comfort.

      All I know is that I love Crocs and tons of other people I know love their Crocs too! Good thing we are all not nurses and cooks.

      Sweaty feet? Maybe if you had to wear them indoors all the time? But for most of us who love our Crocs... we are on the go:-) I have not had any problems with Crocs getting sweaty, like the jelly shoes, which drive me nuts. I can't stand those.

      Oil and Crocs don't mix huh? Again, how many of us who are wearing Crocs for comfort and style, are hanging around kitchens with oily floors? Good thing I didn't write a hub on Crocs for nurses and cooks! LOL

      Thanks for the heads up for those who are considering these shoes for work. I would say they better do a bit of research on what you say, and see if this is really the consensus.

      But... kids loves Crocs, Moms love Crocs - and there are no arguments on this:-)


    • Zsuzsy Bee profile image

      Zsuzsy Bee 9 years ago from Ontario/Canada

      I hate to throw oil in the fire. A few years now crocs have ruled the nursing and professional kitchens but not any more. Recently nursing staff have found that crocs are not good for the feet. No proper support, no arch support, feet get sweaty...Culinary Colleges are not allowing crocs into the kitchens anymore as the soles are slippery on oily floors also hot oil burns through the tops...

      regards Zsuzsy

    • Write On! profile image

      Write On! 9 years ago from United States

      Hi Eileen -

      Thanks for stopping buy:-) I have had the same problem trying to buy the right style, color and then size of Crocs locally. So I too am thrilled to be able to buy them easily online... and free shipping! This is just one of those purchases that we do not need to waste our gas or time in trying to find our Crocs in the stores.

      Most stores that do carry Crocs, will only carry one or two select styles.... so yes - online is the best way to buy Crocs:-)


    • Eileen Hughes profile image

      Eileen Hughes 9 years ago from Northam Western Australia

      Thats a great hub. I have tried to buy these at our local store and they didnt have a size to fit me. So now I can check this out thanks for that.