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Crocs Shoes For The Whole Family. - Crocs Sandals Online... For Everyone!

Updated on April 1, 2008

Crocs Obsession... Is Actually Quite Natural!

Crocs! Warning: Crocs Attack Imminent...

WARNING: Crocs Attack... Do Not Feed!

I was first introduced to Crocs™ last year when I was visiting my daughter in Dallas, Texas. Of course we just had to hit the mall, hit a few shops, grab some quick lunch and then let the kids run around in the play area before heading home. Just a typical day in Dallas with the grand-kids... almost. No Crocs warning in sight...

As we were walking through the mall, checking out each window as we passed by... just waiting for our next "unsuspecting" purchase to jump out at us. You know the "one"?

So, we are innocently walking down the mall, with grand-kids in tow - and suddenly - there they were - or no, IT was! You have all seen this, I know it. But it was my first "Crocs" sandal attack!

There before us -- off in the distance was this "kiosk" in the middle of my innocent stroll down the mall (grand-kids in hand... remember?) When I saw those Crocs in the distance, I should have RUN for my life! But no... we gals are the adventuresome type. Are we not? With eyes wide opened for discovery- we were all over that Crocs shoes kiosk!

Crocs For The Distance... Crocs Are Rugged, Lite and Friendly!

  • Kids Love Crocs. Both boys and girls. Crocs can be cute or Crocs can be cool. They are versatile. They can be put on and taken off in seconds by a young child. But Most of all.. Crocs and Jibbitz are FUN for your children and make your life so delightful when it comes to shoes or sandals for you boys or girls feet!

Crocs For Every Style, Mood And Place...

Beach Crocs Sandals Love The Water!
Beach Crocs Sandals Love The Water!
Casual Beach Crocs Like To Kick-Back!
Casual Beach Crocs Like To Kick-Back!
Little Girl's Beach Crocs Have Fun!
Little Girl's Beach Crocs Have Fun!
Classic Cayman Crocs For Anyone!
Classic Cayman Crocs For Anyone!
Bright Crocs Clogs For Being Seen!
Bright Crocs Clogs For Being Seen!
Crocs Jibbitz - Express Yourself!
Crocs Jibbitz - Express Yourself!

What A Crocs!

"Oh my gosh! I really had not planned to buy anything at the mall today, but it was on sale! And I just couldn't pass it by - this time! They just popped out at me... I had been wanting these for sooo long! I have been denying myself -- saying no way -- too expensive! Me bad... I was weak and the price was just too good to pass up! And... I just couldn't stop myself... Why -- they nearly gave them to me honey..."!

Shopping online for your Crocs, means you get exactly what you want...

Facts That Are Not A Crocs... Best Reason To Get Crocs!

  1. Crocs were named after the crocodile, as they are tough and strong and have no natural predators. Crocs live long, do well on both land and in water.
  2. Crocs are made out of a foam-like materal called Croslite™. It is neither plastic nor rubber, but a closed cell material of a propietary type. Crocs are made from a resin substance and are anti-bicrobial, therefore extremely odor resistant.
  3. Crocs are incredibly lite, comfortable, can easily be cleaned with water and can even float!
  4. The idea for Crocs came on a cruise to the Caribbean, where owners fantasized about a boating shoe, with all of these cool features...
  5. Crocs are for walking, hiking, climbing, going in the water or around water, such as pools... and also like the beach. You are much less likely to slip when wearing Crocs.
  6. Crocs come in every color of the rainbow, and then some... people can express themselves by choosing Crocs that match their lifestyle.

  7. Crocs are unisex. The entire family loves Crocs, and will usually want Crocs in many styles and colors!
  8. Crocks get knocked off... so make sure and buy the real thing. Or else your feet will be both sweaty and stinky, etc...
  9. Crocs are fun! You can change the straps, add Jibbitz, which are charms, pins or tags... call them what you like.
  10. Jitbbitz widgets and buttons are very personal, making your Crocs a statement like no one Else's Crocs.... making them unique.
  11. Crocs are great for just about everything; travel and vacation... they slip on and off through security check. You will not stink up an airplane when you remove them during a long flight.
  12. Crocs are hot! Meaning you most likely want more than one pair... right now! So get some for you and the entire family.
  13. Crocs are controversial. Some fashion experts have declared that Crocs shoes and sandals are the worst thing that has ever happened to the shoe industry.

  14. For these reasons... we love our Crocs shoes and sandals, because "we" find them useful, fun, and just downright easy to have in our lives... not necessarily tame mind you:-)

Women's Crocs Online Shopping... Every Style And Every Color!

Crocs Shoes Are For Everyday And Everywhere Comings And Goings...

Crocs Have Become Indispensible - As They Are So Versatile!

Okay..... you feel so much better now after that good practice talk for your hubby later on, right? Oh come on, we have all had that conversation going through our minds on many a drive home - from the "mall":-)

The one things that I can tell you about shopping for Crocs either at the mall or online - is that you will never have buyers remorse with your Crocs investment.

Crocs are indispensable as a pair of shoes, sandals, sports footwear, etc... they are comfort, lite, casual, cute, unisex, easy for travel, rugged and active, etc... Crocs are more than versatile when it comes to a pair of shoes or sandals. You can dress them down,or you can take them up with your personal style.

Crocs are a very practical obsession! Some might even proclaim things such as "they are a good thing" or "favorites".... Crocs are popular with everyone, which makes them HOT!

Crocs Rock For Guys...

Crocs Continue To Attack... As You Collect More Of Them For You and Your Entire Family!

Just like your dog, who is your best-friend, you will soon find that you don't mind being attacked by Crocs...

Crocs™are incredibly friendly. In fact, because of the very special foam-like resin that Crocs are made with... they know how to form to your feet... cool, huh?

Crocs are not only comfortable, but practical, durable, stylish, and oh so versatile!

Get your Crocs on now!

Write On!

Have You Been Attacked By Crocs?

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    • Write On! profile imageAUTHOR

      Write On! 

      11 years ago from United States

      Hi Y'all!

      So, you get your Crocs on do ya? I am a Crocs maniac these days. I love my Crocs too. I am going on vacation in a little over a month from now... and trying to decide, which Crocs styles I will add to my collection - to take with my me - on my vacation.

      Like I said... I love to travel with Crocs. They are cute, functional, lite-weight and so they are very easy to pack. They look great with most anything I wear... depending on the style and color you choose.

      Security at the airport is now a breeze, as is the easy slipping on and off, when in flight mode... Crocs rock!

      Thanks for your comments:-)


    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Yeah. Crocs are great shoes. I have a lot of different styles and colors.

    • In The Doghouse profile image

      In The Doghouse 

      11 years ago from California

      I love my Crocs, especially my Alice style. I have two pairs in black because I wear them soooo much. Crocs are great!


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