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High Fashion Rockabilly Couture Purses and Shoes (For the Modern Punk Rock or Alternative Chick)

Updated on April 22, 2017

Couture Rockabilly Fashion For The Modern Girl


Girly girl or not, many women love shoes and purses. And punk rock, alternative, or rockabilly chicks are no different. People enjoy flair, and adorning themselves, no matter what their lifestyle or music choice may be.

It may sound cliche to say that "purses are a girl's best friend," but the truth is that they are important tools in many people's lives, simply because they keep us organized, and help keep all of those necessary items that we use in our day to day lives safe and accounted for.

From trinkets, to money, to cellphones, many women rely on their purse to tote everything around. You may not know how much you rely on a purse until you accidently lose one, or misplace it. Suddenly everything you usually had at hand's length is gone, and you end up searching frantically and hoping you can find your purse again!

Purses and bags do not simply have to be utilitarian. They can serve an important function, and also be a sense of pride, and lend stylish aesthetics to our wardrobe. Many people collect them, and like to have purses that go with different outfits.

This may sound really materialistic, but a lot of people work hard for their money and like to pamper themselves with a new purse every now and then. From shoulder bags to clutches, the styles and options are endless.

High fashion looks inspired by vintage glamour and taste.
High fashion looks inspired by vintage glamour and taste.

A Little History About The Purse

  •  In the 15th century, it was a traditional gift for a groom to give his bride a purse.
  • In the beginning, purses were used to carry seeds for planting, as well as items with religious purposes, and also to keep medicine safe.
  • In the 18th century, common things to find in a woman's purse were handkerchiefs, fans, dance cards, perfume, face powder, and other cosmetic accessories.
  • People began carrying purses when they would travel, to keep their small personal belongings sorted out.
  • From early on, purses were decorated with embroidery, needlework, or lace. Early tribes from New Guinea would decorate their bags with seashells, as well as feathers and other assorted items.
  • Some high fashion brands of purses are Coach, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Fendi.

High Fashion Rockabilly Purses

When properly taken care of, purses can last a long time and are worth the investment. Some like to poke fun at women for having a lot of purses, but it is up to the individual to design and make decisions about their own wardrobe.

From handbag to shoulder bag, designers create stunning bags, and load them with accessories and features. A simple zipper on a bag, for example, is just the tip of the iceberg. Features are included for fashion and aesthetic reasons, but also to serve a purpose.

Rockabilly purses can have a rock and roll element to them, as well as a retro or vintage look. Sometimes leather is used, and decorative items like grommets, pyramid studs, or regular studs. Many people attach chains and jewelry specifically designed for purses to their bags, to customize their look.

In truth, it is really up to each wearer! A person can alter and add whatever elements they like to their bag. For people for favor vintage and retro looks, as well as modern punk rock or alternative elements, a rockabilly bag may be the best choice. As a finishing touch to your outfit or as an everyday way to tote and store your goods, these purses can fit the bill and fulfill your needs.

High Fashion Rockabilly Shoes

Every woman needs to have the perfect pair of shoes in her wardrobe. It isn't about the shoe, it is about the way they make you feel.

While feeling sexy at the end of the day comes from within, as well as a frame of mind, heels have been a longtime fashion peice that women utilize when they go out on the town, or simply want to look great.

Women are willing to do through achy feet just to sport that perfect pair of pumps! I have done it, and many other women have to. Personally, I love heels, and have accumulated a good collection over the years.

The reason I adore rockabilly or slightly retro or vintage styled heels is because they are a classic, and a good investment. The basic shoe design has stayed classy and current over the span of decades, and they will not go out of fashion. This makes them very versatile, and wearers of a great pair of retro pumps or heels can expect a long lifespan for their shoes. You can buy the pair you want, and not have to worry about looking out dated as soon as you buy them.


A Little History and Some Facts About The High-Heel Shoe

  •  Heels go back as far as ancient Egypt.
  • In ancient Egypt, both males and females wore high heels, and they were often used as part of ceremonies.
  • Paintings and murals from that time period serve a direct evidence, and show their use.
  • In the middle ages, people wore elevated shoes so that their shoes would not get muddy or dirty from walking through the streets. Often, their shoes were handmade and tended to be very expensive, and people wanted to protect their costly investment.
  • King Louis XIV, king of France in the early 1700's, made a decree that stated only royalty and nobility could wear heels painted red. He also stated that no one else's heels could be higher than his. Often, heels have been associated with status in society, as well as rank, or wealth.
  • Many people see high heels as a sort of demeaning object to women. Because they have a highly sexual connotation, many people do not favor or support them.

 If you truly want to look the part, there are various aides on how to create vintage and retro hairstyles online.

These methods can make an outfit, and the person wearing it drop dead gorgeous.

Many people consider vintage hairstyles to be very glamorous and stylish, so do not forget about this flattering option as you pick out retro shoes or purses.


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      I love the Punk Rock Chop Shop- I want everything. LOL. I will be making a few purchases over the next couple weeks, so hopefully some of what I want is still available!! I really enjoyed this blog too. Great work!

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