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Summer Color Trends: Blue Mania

Updated on March 30, 2015

Blue Summer Trends

Although we first caught blue mania in the summer of 08 and 09, blue is back again. Although this time, the blue trend won't be limited exclusively to turquoise. This summer, all shades of blue are fair game and here to play. The color favorites we're seeing are deep royal blues, cerulean blues, and pale, light blues.

We spotted "blues" across many different designer's runways like Marni and Gucci, and plan to see a lot more of it on the streets. The reason I love blue as a trend, is because the color has such a broad range, and is accessible for all skin tones. Blue can go from an extremely pale light blue, to an almost-green shade to a dark, poisonous blue that looks eerily black. Anyone can find the right shade of "blue" for them!


BLUE Summer Dresses

When summer hits, I grab hungrily for my summer frocks. Yes, there are other fun things to wear for spring/summer weather, but I'm exhausted of boots and jeans by April that I long to wear dresses everyday possible.

A blue dress is one of the best ways to sport this color trend. I love doing the ombre look because not only is it uber-trendy, but it helps to break up the colors with a mix of other, lighter colors to flatter the body shape. If you're trying for volume like the look to the right, give it some "breathing" air by going for a low-v neckline. I also love the strappy platform sandals! (Another hot fashion staple for this summer!)


Color Trend Alert: Turquoise and Gold

I know I just did a bit on "blue dresses" for summer, but I had to include this other hot trend for summer. A color trend of turquoise and gold. Not only is this Greecian-inspired look absolutely to die-for, but keeping this color trend in mind will help you get dressed quickly and keep you looking fab.

Turquoise can be a tricky color to work with. It's has this strange mixture of blue and green and yellow. And, it comes in a variety of neon turquoise to dark! It's a gorgeous color for summer, but many of my clients have trouble with working other colors into an outfit with it. One of the few colors that "work" well with all shades of turquoise I noticed, is gold. It always goes! (And look, more strappy platform sandals!)


Blue Summer Staple: Go Edgy!

An amazing fashion trend for this summer are colored shorts. Why not take that to the edge and go for some blue-colored shorts? Yes, naturally all denim shorts will by default be blue. But what I'm talking about are some non-traditional denim colors, such as navy, cerulean ocean blue, baby blue, and even, yikes, stripes!

Rompers are another great alternative to shorts. They're a bit more risky to pull off but give you a head-to-toe outfit without having to find a shirt to match! I love what Ali is doing here at the right, with her turquoise rompers. She flatters her body by sporting a darker colored belt, and adds some neutral colored, open-toe pumps and keeps her hair wavy and natural.


Go For Blue On Top!

Sporting a blue top for the summer sounds quite easy. I mean just throw on a blue top and you're done right? Well, sure, but why not take it just a bit further fashionistas? My favorite way to wear blue this summer is tucked in with a belt. It's an extremely chic, American-style look that is perfect for summer. It also exudes a sense of class, and can be worn from a beach party to a work party.

Try something the model at the right is wearing. Wear a snug-fitting blue blouse and tuck it into some skinny pants, or even some shorts. Try to keep a continuous look by going for bottoms that have some blue in them! (The blues don't need to match, by the way.) Slip on a neutral-colored belt, like chocolate brown.


Hot Shoe Trend Alert

What's a hot shoe trend for this summer? Duh, I've already mentioned it twice in this article! Strappy Platform sandals. Try and combine these two summer fashion trends by shopping for BLUE strappy platform sandals! We love these dramatic turquoise ones by Marni (at right)!


Other BLUE Accessories!

You're outfit is never complete without the little extras. And details do count ladies! If you don't want to do the whole blue she-bang, try and add little blues here and there. A purse is a great way to display some major blue without having to wear an entire outfit. I love the purse at right because of it's feminine details. And who doesn't look the quilted purse look?

One of the hottest trends for this summer, according to my beauty gal-pals, is bright blue nail colors. This is probably the cheapest way to try out a new color trend at any time. Plus, if you hate the color, nail polish is always easily removable. What I'm sporting right now? OPI No Room for the Blues. You can easily get it from Sephora, drugstores or online!

Another easy way to try out this breezy color trend is with sunglasses. Loads of Hollywood starlets are seen sporting shiny blue sunglasses. It's the perfect pop of color to throw on before heading out into a sunny day!

Until next time fashion gal pals,



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