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Laser Clinic

Updated on March 22, 2010

Before talking about the various uses of lasers in clinical settings, it is paramount for individuals to briefly understand what a "LASER" is and how it works. LASERs stand for "light amplification stimulated emission radiation"; in English, this definition translates into "powerful beams of light that can generate extremely high temperatures", which allow them to melt through many substances. Because it can penetrate many substances, medical doctors began to theorize about its benefits in clinical procedures. Laser clinics began sprouting up worldwide, each one having a surgeon trained for a specific region (or regions) of the body that would receive the laser treatments.

Skin Care Laser Treatments

More and more people need laser treatments for their skin because of the large amount of lesions forming on them, or for other reasons. In short, skin laser clinics employ skilled surgeons who remove pigmented lesions, remove scars and tattoos, resurface someone's skin, and possibly other less common methods.

Typically, CO2 lasers are the ones most often employed in skin laser clinics that treat lesions, and water is the target of this laser; by having the surgeon target the water with the laser, the water will absorb the energy created by the laser. In absorbing the energy, it allows the laser to penetrate the skin to certain depths, and it makes the laser even more effective in the overall treatment.

Another type of laser skin treatment that the trained skin surgeons utilize is selecting hemoglobin as the target, not water. By using a 585 nanometer pulsed "dye laser", a laser specifically targets the type of hemoglobin, which, when destroyed, fortunately results in very little scarring.

A third type of laser skin type of treatment that many doctors use is one that targets even more hemoglobin and melanin sites; unfortunately, because the doctors need to use argon lasers (i.e., powerful lasers) to target the melanin and hemoglobin, there is a greater incidence of skin tissue being damaged, which results in scarring. In addition, argon lasers are not nearly as potent as the previous lasers described.

A final method of skin treatment is using the 1064 nanometer Nd. YAG laser, which is very effective in targeting darker skin tissue.

Laser Hair Removal

These clinics employ doctors trained in removing hair from various parts of the body, such as facial hair, body hair (e.g., chest, back, etc.), underarm hair, bikini area hair, and leg hair. In a typical treatment, a large and long pulse laser destroys hair follicles.

Facial hair removal is a type of procedure in which doctors remove unwanted facial hair (usually from a woman) in order to make her face look more natural in society's views. Typical areas targeted include: lips, chins, and cheeks. Waxing, tweezing, plucking, and bleaching can be helpful, but they can be tiring and time consuming. Thus, many women opt for an easy and effective permanent solution in getting this type of procedure.

Body Hair Removal is a kind of technique where medical doctors take off hair from many places of the body for both men and women. By taking the hair off permanently, these individuals will never have to consult a razor or have their bodies waxed again!

Bikini Line Hair removal is among the most popular kinds of laser techniques employed as it allows women to show off their swim wear, athletic attributes, and intimate fashionable styles with overly confidence. Bikini laser services may also be used as a treatment for ingrown hair.

Chest hair removal surgeries are not just the norms for swimmers and body builders anymore, as more and more males are removing their chest hairs to fit into society's ideals. Laser hair treatments for removing unwanted chest hair may take more than one visit, but it is a lot more pleasant than having to get a wax done every few weeks, leaving the hair that grows itchy!

Back hair is typically frowned upon in America, and it is the largest area for body hair treatment. The back can also be very difficult to reach by normal methods of removing hair, too. Fortunately for those individuals with unwanted hair on their backs, two or three sessions of treatments are all that is required to remove back hair forever!

Cosmetic Laser Clinics

Cosmetic laser clinics typically treat people who have unwanted problems, such as rosacea, wrinkles, sun damage, and acne. Botox procedures, Restylane, and other pristine skin care products may be employed to restore a youthful appearance to the person. Lasers may also be employed, such as dual lasers and effective pulsed-light devices.

Spider veins and varicose veins are taken off with sclerotherapy and laser therapy techniques.


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