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Male Cosmetic Surgery

Updated on March 22, 2010

In the modern times, men take care of their bodies almost as much as women do. A lot of socio-psychological factors have contributed in making men more conscious about their bodies, than ever before. Hence, not only have men started using cosmetic products increasingly, but also have started opting for cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery for men is a relatively new concept in cosmetics and is used either tocorrect deformations or enhance appearance. Men who have undergone such surgeries have reported to be more confident about themselves.

I am going to go into some different topics that related to male plastic surgery so that you can get a better idea if it is right for you or not, and what kinds of things you can expect when it comes to such surgical procedures.

Nose reshaping is a popular male cosmetic surgery procedure.
Nose reshaping is a popular male cosmetic surgery procedure.

Top Five Male Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

  • Reshaping of the nose
  • Transplantation of the hair
  • Surgery of the eyelid
  • Reduction of fat by liposuction
  • Reduction of breast

The need for being energetic and looking youthful has changed the attitude of men towards pills, diet, exercise and cosmetic surgery. To enhance their image and gain more confidence, many men are going for male cosmetic surgery. According to the statistics from American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of men undergoing male cosmetic surgery. Among all the male cosmetic surgeries, Botox injection (anti- wrinkle injection) is very common. Male breast reduction surgeries have gained much popularity in recent times to get six pack abs.

Male Cosmetic Surgery Procedures – Cost

The cost of the cosmetic operation depends upon the type on the cosmetic surgery that you are seeking and the fees charged by the team of surgeons. You can look for good deal but make sure that the surgeon is qualified and has a good history in that field. However, you can take a look at the average cost of the different male cosmetic surgeries:

  • Liposuction may start from a price of $2000
  • Facelift varies between $5000 and $10000
  • Botox injections start from $300
  • Eyelid surgery costs around $2000
  • Nose job, or rhinoplasty, costs about $3000

Male Cosmetic Surgery Before and After

There is no exact data which reflects the number of cosmetic surgeries that take place and the number of results that are unsatisfactory and disappointing. Many times the surgery turns out to be a bad male plastic surgery, which deforms the shape of the face of the person. Thus, there are some things that you should think about before you take up a male cosmetic surgery.

Before you decide upon a surgeon, make sure that he is qualified, properly trained and specializes in that particular male cosmetic surgery procedure. You can even check out the male cosmetic surgery pics on the surgeon’s website to see the effective results of male cosmetic surgery before after the treatment. Internet provides hub of information and you can actually view male cosmetic surgery photos.  Moreover, if you are facing any health problems, or are overweight, make sure that you seek an advice from any qualified surgeon.

The results of the cosmetic surgery may not be apparent right after the surgery. Sometimes it takes some time for the results to be apparent. You need to understand the risk that you had taken up for the surgery and even need to be careful about the side effects that may be caused due to the same.

Getting Male Cosmetic Surgery

With the increase in the number of cosmetic surgery patients, many surgeons have started taking appointments on email and phone. Take a look at how it works:

  • A patient researches on the internet and then calls or sends an
    email to a suitable surgeon.
  • The surgeon asks for the details and requests the patient to send in
    some of his recent pictures to have a first look.
  • The surgeon inquires about the patient’s medical history and other
    related information once the patient decides to buy the male cosmetic
    surgery from the surgeon.
  • The surgeon after acquiring the details from the patient provides
    him with an approximate quote and sends him details about the other
    facilities such as lodging and vacation.
  • After the patient arrives, a detailed examination of the patient is carried out and the total cost of the surgery is decided.


Male cosmetic surgery has become popular among men and is not scoffed at anymore. More and more men seek to enhance their looks with such male cosmetic surgery procedures.


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