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Leverback Earrings

Updated on June 6, 2013

Most women, and even some men, will tell you a similar story. They were out on the town, dancing, having fun, hanging out with friends or family, maybe attending a wedding or some other special event. Because it was a special night, they decided to wear their very favorite pair of earrings, maybe the ones their grandmother gave them, maybe that pair a husband or boyfriend gifted them on Valentine’s Day, maybe just that one pair of earrings that looks great on them. Whichever the case, they were a prized possession, the favorite earrings in the jewelry box. And, can you guess what happened? Yes, you got it, sometime during the night, somewhere on the dance floor or getting out of the car, one of the earrings slipped out of the ear and was lost, never to be found again.

It’s a sad story told too often. And maybe you think, well, that’s just the way it goes, sometimes you are going to lose an earring. And yet, you really don’t have to. You can purchase earrings that stay on, that will never get lost. All you need to do is buy a pair of leverback earrings and never lose another earring again.

Photo of Leverback Earrings by Kriss Szkurlatowski
Photo of Leverback Earrings by Kriss Szkurlatowski

What Are Leveback Earrings?

Leverback earrings are an ingenious solution to the problem of losing earrings. The leverback is a simple and yet elegant clasp that is designed to curve around the back of the earlobe and snap closed. A curved wire in the shape of a fish hook is pushed through the earring hole in the earlobe which then curves around to secure in place at the bottom of the earring. Because of the way these types of earrings work, they are sometimes called snap back earrings or at times key earrings. Because it takes a gentle pressure with a finger to release the leverback snap on the earring, it is very difficult for the earring to come loose and get lost, even with vigorous dancing or other activity.

Because the leverback system acts as such an excellent way to keep earrings from getting lost, it is often used with expensive jewelry. Diamond earrings, earrings set with rubies or emeralds, and other earrings fashioned from precious stones are often equipped with leverback clasps. Also, because of their tendency to swing about and slip from the earlobe, dangling earrings and hoop earrings are often equipped with the leverback system. Given that the leverback loop allows the earring to swing freely without coming loose, these earrings are great for fun, jangly earrings that you might wear out for an active night on the town.

Buying Leverback Earrings

There are so many styles and types of earrings that come with leverback clasps that you are sure to be able to find a pair of leverback earrings that match your sense of style and your particular look. As in any type of earring or jewelry, however, you will want to look for a pair of well made leverback earrings. Here are just a few tips for finding a pair of these ingenious earrings that will be able to keep and wear for years.

First of all, although the clasping system on leverback earrings is simple, if they are not made with attention to detail and craftsmanship they will not work as well as they should. Inexpensive or poorly made leverback clasps can come loose during activity. This can lead to you losing your earring or, even worse, being poked by the leverback wire. Although this probably will not result in any serious injury, surely you would rather not be injured at all by a pair of earrings.

As with any jewelry worn next to the skin, and especially earrings, the leverback wires should be made of quality gold, silver, or surgical stainless steel. This will prevent your ear from turning green in reaction to cheap metals used in making the earring and can help stave off any infections you might get from wearing earrings. Also, of course, investing a bit more for a pair of leverback earrings will ensure that they look their very best and will be earrings you will want to wear for many, many years.

With just these few ideas in mind, you can start your shopping for a brand new pair of leverback earrings today. With so many earring and jewelry companies using the Internet to sell their goods, you can have hundreds of styles and designs of leverback earrings to chose from without ever leaving your home. Do an Internet search for leverback earrings and start your shopping! Gone will be the days of losing your favorite earrings.


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